October 2015 – Favourites

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Song/Music: Everybody’s pretty when they’re 18 by Charly
Uplifting, fun and makes you want to sing and dance – those are my favourite songs and this one falls right into this description. Beautiful voice, pretty melody and just all in all a great song. I love it.


Book: World After & End of Days by Susan Ee, Scherben der Hoffnung by Nalini Singh (Shards of Hope)  
I have devoured the sequels to Angelfall just as fast as the first book. Loved reading them too. Brilliant storytelling and amazing characters. The world building is strong in this series too. Cannot rave about it enough. If you like fantasy and/or apocalyptic worlds, you definitely should be reading this trilogy.

Yet again another Nalini Singh book 😀 I meant to read this in between World After and End of Days, but didn’t entirely feel like it (though it’s Aden’s book!). I remember how just before the Frankfurt BookFair with Nalini Singh attending I had read book 9 or 10 in the Psy-Changeling series and aden was in it. I immediately fell for that character and my friend asked Nalini if we’d get to read Aden’s story and she was all like „ooh someone thinks the way I do and loves Aden when there is nothing more but a glimpse of him“ or at least that’s what it seemed like to me when she answered with „Maybe“. I’m in the middle of readibng it so I can’t say too much about it, but so far, I like it.


Movie: The Maze Runner – The Scorch Trials
Yep, I had to see it, obviously. I read the trilogy this year and have been enjoying it a lot and even though the story has been altered for the big screen, I think they’ve done a rather good job and I have hopes (I swear if you crush those in the third movie Mr Wes Ball, I will come and find you and you will not like it!) that they will not kill off my favourite character. They might kill others though because that’s obviously part of the world of WCKD.


Series:  Heartland Season 3+4, new Arrow and new Flash 
More feel-good time with Heartland 🙂 I love the show, I love the characters and I can’t get enough of the beautiful landscape and the amazing horses on the show. I really need to go and cuddle as many horses as I can.

I was hyped for the new Flash and new Arrow episodes. For different reasons 😀 Flash just had a great first season and the ending left room for so many different paths to take, I was curious to see which one they went for (though with the announcement of Legends of Tomorrow – can’t wait for that show! – it was narrowed down a bit).
With Arrow I basically hoped that Season 4 would become better than Season 3 which I found was a bit all over the place. And can I take a moment to point out that it took them 3 complete seasons to call him Green Arrow as in that’s the name he really has in the comics?! What’s up with that?
So far so good with the two episodes I saw from each show. There is room for improvement, but I’m enjoying myself when I’m watching the shows.


Other: I’m gaming again – gotta catch ‚em all!
Yeah, you read that right. I’m back and hooked on Pokémon again. I do have my gameboy lying somewhere, but I am now playing on an emulator (on my pc) because I didn’t wanna erase my game from back then. Believe me, it’s so awesome! All the Pokémons to discover and catch… it brings back memories and is as much fun as it was back then. I love it and I think I play so much that my bf is actually being annoyed 😀 that’s a first.





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