For the Series Junkie #13 – Riverdale

Veröffentlicht: 18. März 2018 in For the Series Junkie, Serien
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A subversive take on Archie and his friends, exploring small town life, the darkness and weirdness bubbling beneath Riverdale’s wholesome facade.



One word: addictive. I started the show because I had some time and didn’t have any of my shows to catch up on, so… I started Riverdale on Netflix and I was hooked immediately.

The characters are intriguing because they are different. I thought that maybe it would be the ususal high school drama: the star-quarterback of the football team, the nerd, the girl next door and the little b***h from the cheerleaders and yes, all these characters are in, but they are different. The football star (Archie) decides that his real love is music, he has a great and understanding dad… the cheerleading b***h (Cheryl) is a real B but she also has her good moments and somehow I kinda like her… the girl next door (Betty) has a dark side, the rich girl (Veronica) is actually trying to be a nice person… and my real love has to be „Jughead“. I always fall for the guy who has problems but a great personality underneath it all.

I’ve binged 10 episodes in the matter of three days and that does speak for itself… I mean, I wasn’t on vacation or anything, I had work on those days. The show is definitely addictive, the way Veronica Mars was addictive and it has some similarities to that show too:
Both shows revolve around the murder of one rich kid from town and how some others are trying to solve the case because the police/sheriff apparently is totally clueless.

So far the Show is in it’s second season and I cannot wait to watch more.

This is a show for fans of series like Veronica Mars or Teen Wolf.


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