Empties #8

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Welcome to a new Empties post!

Well, I’ve got the impression that there are a lot of products in my empties bag so I thought I’d do another one of those for you. The last one is from end of July, boo, that’s an awful lot of time I’ve been doing nothing on that front of the blog… wow. Sorry.

Let’s jump right in then, shall we?!





1) The Body Shop „Sweet Lemon“ Body Scrub
In the summer months you always need a good scrub and I loved the scent of this one! Zesty but with a little hint of something sweet, this scrub is really a great buy. It isn’t too harsh, so I liked to use it about twice a week and sometimes more. Just as much as you need, you know? I would and will probably repurchase this once I need to buy a new scrub.

2) Balea Dead Sea Salt Shower Gel „Peach-Mango“
It smelled so delicious in the bottle but in the shower it develops a rather weird note to that scent and I was glad once I was done with it. Serously, how can something develop that way? I wouldn’t repurchase this.

3) Impulse Deodorant&Bodyspray „Very Pink“ (Roses & Grapefruit)
This used to be the deodorant when I was young (as in the teenie days) and I got it in a beauty box I think. I haven’t been a fan of spray deodorants for a long time and this is overwhelming with its scent. I wouldn’t buy this in a shop.

4) Original Source Shower Gel „Lemon & Tea Tree“
The smell was awesome, but they still don’t foam up much and therefore I always use a lot of it. Those shower gels are gone far too quickly and I can imagine repurchasing this one, but not in the near future.




5) Dove „Oxygen“ Shampoo (travel size)
I had this one with me in Barcelona and you need only the tiniest amount, so it lasts forever! It’s a great shampoo and feels so lightweight which makes it perfect for very fine hair like mine.

6) Dove „Oxygen“ Shampoo
As you can see, after the travel size I bought it in a full size because I liked it so much. Great shampoo that I cannot rate high enough. It’s awesome and I will definitely repurchase this one soon.

7) Dove „Oxygen“ Conditioner
I use conditioner almost at every wash and therefore I need something that works good at hydrating but doesn’t weigh down my hair. This one is doing a great job together with the shampoo and even if they are a bit pricier, I will definitely be repurchasing them.

8) Batiste Dry Shampoo „Original“
Batiste is my go to dry shampoo at the moment. It works really good, doesn’t leave any white residue over my hair, but mattifies and refreshs it nicely. The original scent is a good one, not too strong and is a nice change from my favourite „Tropical“ one.

9) Batiste Dry Shampoo „Original“ (travel size)
same here as above, the travel size was just for, well, travelling 😉

10) Balea Deep Cleanse Shampoo
I make sure I use this once a week to get rid of everything that builds up in my hair and weighs it down. I like this very affordable option, because it does its job, smells nice and leaves my hair shiny and soft.




11) Garnier Micellar Water
By now this has become a firm staple for me. As long as I do not wear waterproof mascara, I take my eye make-up off with this and pre-cleanse my skin aka taking of any face make-up before cleansing. I like it and have a back-up (or two).

12) The Body Shop „Camomile“ Cleansing Oil
This was my first approach at cleansing oils and I like how easily it breaks down the make-up (even eye make-up with waterproof mascara!) and I like the feel of my skin after washing it off. What I don’t like, however, is the mess this makes when you’re working it in and it gets absolutely everywhere. Still, I might repurchase this once my more affordable option is empty (which I don’t like as much!).

13) Garnier Everyday Peeling „Pomegranate“
You know the drill by now, it’s one of my staples. I love it. I will repurchase this.

14) Balea „Soft & Clear“ Night Moisturiser
This range is targeted at blemish prone skin and works realls well. I like the effect it has on my skin because I do think it helps with breakouts plus it smells nice and makes me skin feel soft and hydrated. However, this might not be enough hydration for the colder months on its own, so I will make sure I get a good hydrating serum into my routine.

15) MakeUp Revolution Pro Fix Makeup Fixing Spray
I had gotten a Mary Kay Fixing Spray in a box and loved it so much that I went on a mission to find a great more affordable option. This was good but smelled a bit funky after a while and I’m pretty sure the ingredients are probably a bit off, so I’m still searching 😉




16) Maybelline BabySkin „Pore Minimizer“
I am one for quite silicone-y feeling primers and this fits right in. I like this primer and for a while I used it everyday before applying make-up, but now that it is less hot outside and my makeup is less likely to glide off, I only use my second tube every now and again. But I like it.

17) Oliveda F06 „Cell Active“ Face Serum
This was in my Douglas box and one of the first serums I ever used. I loved what it did to my skin and am now a bit obsessed with serums in general. I need to find the perfect serum for me, but this was very good. It left my skin plump and hydrated and therefore feeling great. (I like how this is meant to be for „mature“ skin and anti-ageing purposes… none of those are what my skin is or what I search for, but I liked it.)

18) essence Makeup Remover Wipes
These are great for lazy days when there is hardly anything on my skin. I usually use this either as a pre-cleanse (instead of my cotton pad with micellar water) or for removing swatches on the back of my hand.

19) Rival De Loop Hydro Eye Roll-on gel
I bought this on a whim one day in rossmann. It was a staple every morning because it felt cooling under the eyes and gave me the impression of waking up easier. I might repurchase this one day.

20) Skin Ceuticals Hydrating B5
I used this as a serum and it was even better than the Oliveda one. Very hydrating and that made a big difference to my skin. I know that now. Hydrated skin feels so much better and looks so much better, too. Loved it and can imagine repurchasing it (if I don’t find a more affordable option that works as great).




21) essie „Good to Go“
A great top coat that dries pretty quickly and makes a glossy finish. I like this one a lot and would repurchase it, but I still have 4 bottles of my HK Girl.

22) essence Nail Art „Peel Off“ Base Coat
Staple for glitter polishes that are usually a pain in the ass to take off. With this base coat you only have to soak your nails in water and then you can peel off the entire polish and all the glitter with it. Unfortunately, this gets really gloopy real fast.

23) essence Studio Nails „Hardening Base Coat“
Big love! This actually did harden my nails and left them healthier. They did change the formulation of this, but I will give the new one a try. Hopefully it is as good as the old one.

24) p2 Quick Dry Spray
Spray this on your freshly painted polish and it will help reduce the drying time. It works, but leaves a little bit of a greasy residue that I don’t like much. I don’t need it when I use my HK Girl Topcoat.

25) ebelin Nail Polish Remover (travel size)
Not my favourite, but it does its job. My cuticles get dry really fast and this nai polish remover is no different than many others: it dries out the cuticles and the nail. I’m still searching for the perfect remover.

26) p2 Colour Stop
Some use Elmer Glue, I use this. It’s affordable and can be found in the drugstore (or maybe it didn’t make the cut of the last range changes?).

27) Balea „Papaya & Buttermilk“ Handlotion
The scent was okay, it moisturised quite well in the summer months. I wouldn’t necessarily repurchase this exact one, but the brand does good hand creams.

28) Balea „Fruity Harmony“ Handlotion (Pitaya & Coconut Milk)
Another scent and this one was lovely in store but I grew tired of it quite quickly. It was a pain in the ass to get through the tube because of the smell, but it moisturised quite nicely.

29) Kiko Cosmetics Brush Cleanser Spray
Needed a brush cleanser, found this one to be affordable and bought it. It was a good spot cleanser for my brushes and seemed to be working nicely at getting every little pigment out. I will repurchase this soon.

30) Manhattan lipstick
Way too old! It had to go. I will try to get rid of something old from my makeup collection every now and then and this time, it was this lipstick. Loved the colour back then and it has been well-loved, so it’s okay. I got my money’s worth out of it.


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