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[Mein Monat] März 2018

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Bisher läuft das mit dem Blog ganz gut… fast besser als erwartet, auch wenn ich mich manchmal noch ganz schön anstrengen muss um ein Thema für den nächsten Post zu finden, aber ich hoffe das gibt sich mit der Zeit.
Aber genug gelabert, hier alles rund um meinen Monat März:


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[Mein Monat] Februar 2018

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Neuer Monat, neues Glück?! ^^ Probieren wir es doch aktuell mal mit dem monatlichen Rückblick… soll heißen, ich werde versuchen jeden Monat solch einen „Favoritenpost“ zu schreiben. Ich hoffe ihr habt Spaß daran zu erfahren, wie mein Monat Februar so war.


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[Mein Monat] Januar 2018

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Ich bin mir noch nicht sicher, ob ich diese „Favoritenposts“ jeden Monat machen werde… oder alle paar Monate, das werde ich einfach im Laufe des Jahres sehen. So wie ich es eben fühle nehme ich an 😀 Hoffentlich gefallen sie euch überhaupt 😉


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[Mein Monat] März 2017

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So, die ersten drei Monate des Jahres sind rum und ich hab das Gefühl, das kann eigentlich noch gar nicht sein. Wieso geht das denn immer so schnell?
Aber egal, wir sind ja nicht hier um uns zu beschweren. Wir sind hier um über meinen Monat März zu sprechen…


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[Mein Monat] Februar 2017

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Es ist wieder Zeit für einen kleinen aber hoffentlich feinen Monatsrückblick. Ich hoffe ihr habt Spaß an dem Ganzen, so wie ich. 🙂


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[Mein Monat] Januar 2017

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Mein erster neuer Favoritenpost. Uh, wie aufregend. Okay, wahrscheinlich total un-aufregend für jeden anderen, aber für mich ist es spannend, weil ich noch nicht genau weiß, ob mir das neue Format wirklich besser liegt.


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January 2014 – Favourites

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Hello my fellow reader!

Welcome to a new month on my blog and I’ll start it off by showing you my favourites in January. Wow, I haven’t had that much time between working, working on the appartement, winter’s general sleepiness and juggling between time at home and with my bf. Well, some months just are like that.
However, here are my favourites.

Song: Ed Sheeran – I see fire / Teddybears Featuring Mad Cobra – Cobrastyle
Two completely different songs 😀 oh wow. Like more difference wasn’t possible.
Who else has seen the Hobbit Part 2 – The Desolation of Smaug? I may not have been very impressed with the movie itself, but the music… oh let me tell you it gets stuck in your head. Ed Sheeran’s song is beautiful in music and lyrics (which are inspired from the song the dwarves sang in the first movie). And I already love Misty Mountains, so I see fire is very near to perfection.

Cobrastyle is a song I re-discovered thanks to Teen Wolf and all I can say is: it puts me in an incredible good mood and activates my energy. It sounds totally stupid but it really makes me wanna do something though I mostly listen to it while in the car on the highway. But I’m always dancing to it and people are staring at me like I’m totally nuts 😀 I don’t even care.

Book: Goddess by Josephine Angelini
Somehow it took me ages to read this book. I have had it in my possession for about two months now and I wanted to read it so badly after the second book being so awesome. But… this time it wasn’t as exciting to read. Don’t get me wrong, the storyline goes the suspected way and I am not being disappointed by the book. It just… doesn’t make me feel excited at all while reading.
I kinda like Lucas and it was foreseeable that he would be more in the focus than in book 2, but I just want more Orion 😀 that is weird but totally me. It is a good book, but it really took me a long time to finish.

Movie: No movies seen in January, it was a series-kinda month 😀

Series: Sherlock (Season 3) and Lost Girl (Season 4) and Teen Wolf Season 3 part 2
Who else waited a far too long time for Sherlock Season 3?! Yeah I know, practically everybody, including me of course. I loved Season 1 and Season 2 was quite good too – but less awesome than Season 1 to me. Season 3 was awaited like one awaits the summer after a very long and cold winter… Unfortunately, I was disappointed. It is less exciting in my eyes and maybe that is because I am afraid I will never see Moriarty again (which is probable). Your thoughts? [EDIT: And yes I have seen Ep 3 til the end and there he was, but gosh, it was just so… nothing. It was that one second kinda and… I wanted my Jim Moriarty in all its glory and not have to wait another ten years – that’s what the last wait felt like! – before I get him back!]
Lost Girl is one of those shows I have rushed through. I got in when Season 2 was airing and watched every episode right away. I just love that show. Bo is a great female character and Kenzi as her sidekick – which doesn’t deserve the title sidekick because she is amazing! – what a wonderful team.
Just to make a statement on the whole triangle love thing: Team Wolf all the way! Not because I don’t like Homosexuals, but because I don’t like Lauren. I feel Bo has to hold back with her and that is never a really good thing.
Oh and don’t get me started on my Teen Wolf addiction these days… I love that show, main reason is of course Derek Hale (played by Tyler Hoechlin), but I love most of the characters. MTV really made a great show and I think the success is merited. I rewatched everything before part 2 of Season 3 started and I am currently rewatching Teen Wolf whenever I don’t know what to watch… or when I want to drool all over Tyler Hoechlin 😀 and so you can relate to that in case you don’t watch Teen Wolf, here is Tyler Hoechlin:

Food: Fast Food
Yes, it feels like it’s been Fast Food Month for me. I had two work two days early January when the rest of the company was still closed down for holidays which of course means that the cafeteria was closed too. I had to rely on Fast Food and since I’ve been out a lot looking at furniture and stuff due to the move… there has been a lot of fast food around. Very bad thing I need to get under control. Don’t get me wrong, I love fast food as much as the next person, but as with everything: in moderation.

Make-Up: M.A.C. Lipsticks (LE)
So in love with my new MAC lipsticks. I was very excited when I saw the promo photos for the Magnetic Nudes Limited Edition and the Huggable Lip Colour Limited Edition.
As you might know I am a big fan of nudes and simply had to own something from the collection and it had to be the lipstick „Morning Rose“. Beautiful colour!
The Huggable Lipsticks are so up my sleeve. I am in love with Clinique’s Chubby Sticks and Revlon’s Lipbutter and MAC made it sound like the Huggable Lipsticks were right up that street too and what can I tell ya? They are. Incredibly awesome to wear as you get the feeling your lips are nourished and you don’t even have to ditch colour for that. In the shop I couldn’t decide what colour to get, three caught my eye immediately and I swatched two of them on my lips and got both right away! (The Make-Up Artist from MAC was happy 😀 )

M.A.C. Lipstick Haul

M.A.C. Lipstick Haul