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#SuBdenSommer Update

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Hallo !

Es ist nun eeeeetwas über 1 Monat her, da habe ich euch von der Aktion erzählt und ich denke, jetzt wo wir etwa 2/3 hinter uns haben wird es Zeit für ein Update.
Die Aktion macht mir immer noch Spaß, auch wenn ich nicht durchgängig meine Motivation aufrecht erhalten (habe) kann. Ich bin immer noch der festen Überzeugung, dass die Aktion mega cool ist.

Mehr gibt es nach dem Sprung 😉



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Hallo und herzlich willkommen zurück auf dem Blog!

Ich hatte ewig keine Motivation mehr hier etwas zu machen, aber ich hatte es ständig im Hinterkopf und will nun wieder loslegen… die SuBdenSommer-Lesechallenge, die heute startet, ist der perfekte Anlass dafür!



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Hello peeps,


today I wanna share with you my „bookish“ year 2015. All the books I’ve read, the average rating and pages of every book I’ve read in 2015 and everything else around books. Maybe even an outcome for 2016… read more after the jump.


Goodreads Reading Challenge 2015

1 2 3


34 read books as opposed to the target of 22 books… oh wow, well, that made for achieving 155 % 😀 I like that. It was a good reading year for me, I’ve read a lot more than in the years before and I’m very happy about that.

I have given rather good ratings this year (and that also makes me happy because it means I chose the right books):



That’s looking rather good, isn’t it. I hope 2016’s outcome will be as good. Life is too short to waste time on bad books, isn’t it?! 😉
Some more nice features from goodreads for you to look at:

9 10


I am honestly so satisfied with my reading year and can only hope and wish for 2016 to be equally satisfying. How was your book year 2015?


Hi guys!

Here I am with my next Update on my goodreads challenge. Yeah, I gotta say, this year I’m really proud of myself because it is going so well. I’ve been trying to find more time to read and I’m getting it squeezed in my schedule. I might not read every day, but almost every day. And reading is bliss.

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Hi guys!

I can’t really remember how much I’ve talked to you about my goodreads challenge this year. Probably not much, but oh well.

Since I started working full-time I have had the hardest of times to read much at all. Not because I don’t like to read anymore, but because most nights I felt the need to do something that was easy on my head. And what is there better out there to do than watch series?

But I always put in the effort to read at least a couple books here and there. But still, the number of books I challenged myself to read dropped and dropped even further:


So this year I’m challenging myself to read two more books than last year, adding up to a total of 22 books. Really not much, but hey, I can’t be sure if I find the time to read much with work and phases of „I can’t concentrate on a book“.

And oh wow this year has blown me away so far! Book-wise I’ve been really busy, seeing as only about a third of the year has gone by… I’ve been holding back on the watching series part and read more books and yes, it’s been books worth the time. My status in the challenge to date:




Half of my challenge already! How on earth is that possible? Seriously, it amazes me. Okay, it hasn’t been real long books so far, but hey, every book counts! And an average page per book of 394 is not that low either, so I’d say I’m good on that front.

An average rating of 3.92 is pretty good too and I liked all the books I’ve read so far… hope this streak continues because ain’t nobody got time for boring books!




But enough of me now. How is your challenge going?



Puh, Norwegermuster fand ich ja schwierig, aber zum Glück hatte ich da doch am Ende noch etwas passendes, dass ich aus dem Ärmel schütteln konnte!  (Die Ankündigung zur Aktion findet ihr hier)


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Winterlandschaft! Und ja, ich bin viel zu spät dran, aber so ist das leider wenn man unerwartet ohne Internet dasitzt 😦 vor einigen Tagen ereilte unsere (und anderer Leute) Leitung ein trauriges Schicksal und wir mussten ein ganzes Wochenende ohne Internet verbringen. Nicht unbedingt schlimm, aber man merkt doch wie viel man dann doch im Internet macht… nun ja, diesen Post wollte ich unbedingt ganz schnell nachholen! (Die Ankündigung findet ihr hier)


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