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ello everyone!

Today I wanna talk to you about my recent trip to Nantes (all on my own ^^). It’s been years (6 if I remember correct) since I’ve last been to France… seeing as it is my second home, it’s been an awfully long time. It was great being back 🙂



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A-England exclusive mani month

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Hello peeps!

I’ve been telling you in my February Favourites post that I have done something I’ve never done befor ein february and today you will see it in detail. What I’ve done? A full month dedicated to only one brand of nail polish!
The brand I’ve chosen for my first exclusive mani month (yep, I’m telling you that I will probably be doing that again!) was/is A-England. I own 12 A-England polishes and I’ve used them all throughout the month of February. They are just beautiful and deserve to be used more often.

See pictures of all of my shades after the jump!

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Hello peeps,


today I wanna share with you my „bookish“ year 2015. All the books I’ve read, the average rating and pages of every book I’ve read in 2015 and everything else around books. Maybe even an outcome for 2016… read more after the jump.


Goodreads Reading Challenge 2015

1 2 3


34 read books as opposed to the target of 22 books… oh wow, well, that made for achieving 155 % 😀 I like that. It was a good reading year for me, I’ve read a lot more than in the years before and I’m very happy about that.

I have given rather good ratings this year (and that also makes me happy because it means I chose the right books):



That’s looking rather good, isn’t it. I hope 2016’s outcome will be as good. Life is too short to waste time on bad books, isn’t it?! 😉
Some more nice features from goodreads for you to look at:

9 10


I am honestly so satisfied with my reading year and can only hope and wish for 2016 to be equally satisfying. How was your book year 2015?


Ring*Con 2015 – Recap and Ramblings

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Hello readers!

This year, just like last year, I will try and write a little recap of Ring*Con 2015 for you… and I will talk a bit more about why this year’s con was the last of its kind and what the future might have to offer. So, read more after the jump!





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Recap: Barcelona Trip

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Hello everyone!

Today I wanna talk to you about my recent trip to Barcelona (with my mum). First things first: It was nice, it was warm, people were awesome and friendly. But, yes there is a but, it’s not exactly a city I’d long to return to. But it’s still worth a visit!


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Hello readers!

Last year I did not do a recap of my Ring*Con weekend and I am terribly sorry. I had lots of things to talk about, but I just couldn’t get past the con-blues and once I was, I figured it was way too late. So this year I am trying to get past the blues and write a bit about my weekend at Ring*Con 2014…

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Recap: Rome Trip

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Hello everyone!

Today I want to tell you about my Rome trip… finally! I’ve been pretty busy at work, so I hope you understand why it took me so long to put this post together for you. First: Rome was great. I’ve had the feeling that I was breathing and living history wherever I went. Loved it.


Monday, August 25th 2014:
Early take-off in Frankfurt at 9:55 a.m. on a flight to Vienna. Niki Air was a very pleasant airline and I will consider flying with them again in the future. They serve a little sandwich on every flight (I appreciate because I never eat much before taking off, don’t really know why). A few minutes on the airport in Vienna were pretty nice, I browsed through Duty Free (without buying anything) and read a book. From Vienna to Rome with Niki Air again – I can only recommend the airline to everyone.
A Shuttle Service brought me from the airport to my hotel in about 30 minutes. Good experience though I gotta say, just looking at traffic and behaviour of italian people – frightening! 😀 I’m glad I had no car to drive.
Check- in at the hotel and a quick explanation of the city map and how to get around town. A big thank you for the lady at the check-in please! Her explanations were very helpful. As I was tired from the journey and it was around six o’clock when I arrived, I just took a short trip around the district and went into the supermarket to buy something to eat for that night and something to drink.

Ponte Cavour

Ponte Cavour


Tuesday, August 26th 2014:
First complete day and I wanted to see as much as possible (that is on the whole trip, but on tuesday too ^^), so I started with a big breakfast at the café around the corner. From there I went to explore everything I could by foot. Yeah, you’re right, time for sightseeing!
Over the Ponte Cavour in direction of the Piazza di Spagna & the Spanish Stairs and of course I sat down and enjoyed life a little while I was there. It’s a great spot to watch people (something I like to do a lot!). From there it’s only a couple steps to Trinità dei Monti and the Villa Medici.

Villa Medici

Villa Medici

Unfortunately, I couldn’t enter the Villa Medici because it was closed for special occasion that day, but I had a lovely view over the city. Continue enjoying the walk through the city to get to Piazza Barberini and la Fontana del Tritone. It was busy around, but I managed to catch my breath there and enjoy the sunshine. I soaked up a lot of sun on that trip!

Fontana del Tritone

Fontana del Tritone

Next on my to see list was Fontana di Trevi and sadly, sadly the fountain was without water because they are restoring it at the moment. Not very impressive that way, but I can imagine it to be very pretty – especially at night with some lights. Too many tourists around, so I quickly went my way… passing Piazza Colonna and on to the Pantheon. I loved the Pantheon. Not only is this history, but it is intriguing. A big church with a hole in the roof? When the sun falls through the hole… oh yeah, I would love to be in there and all on my own. I imagine that to be very cool.



After the Pantheon, I went to Piazza Navona which is pretty, but it was very crowded and no shadow anywhere, so I didn’t stay there for long. Being pretty tired from walking at that point, my idea was to go down to the river banks and sit down to have a little break. So while I sat there and observed the people passing by, an idea started to form in my head… Castel Sant’Angelo is close, why don’t I go there and visit that?

Castel Sant'Angelo

Castel Sant’Angelo

Thought of it, did it. Castel Sant’Angelo was impressive for someone who enjoys castels/history/view. I loved walking EVERYWHERE in that castel. I’ve been spending around 2-3 hours in there I guess? It was long and I was extremely tired afterwards, but the park around the castel was great for chilling out. I sat there, snapped some pictures and read a little on my reader.


Wednesday, August 27th 2014:
I had read my travel guide and knew where I had to be on a wednesday in Rome – the pope’s audience in front of St. Peter’s Basilica. Yes, I am not religious. Yes, I am not a catholic. And yes, I still enjoyed it. It was interesting, it was nice to see people being so glad to see the pope (even if it was just on a screen because let’s be honest, they won’t let you up front right next to him ^^).

In front of San Pietro

In front of San Pietro

I stood there, in front of San Pietro, for quite some time and enjoyed life 😉 as it was still very crowded I decided against visiting San Pietro that day and walked across town to get to the Forum Romanum.
Living, breathing history is what I expected from that trip, remember?! Forum Romanum was AWESOME. I loved this place so freaking much. You wouldn’t believe how happy I was just walking through those ruins… I would gladly do this again and again and again and probably even again. There is a reason I used to study history 😉 even though Ancient History (aka the Greeks and the Romans) wasn’t my favourite subject, I freaking love history and I adored the Forum Romanum.




I wandered in between the ruins for a couple hours and went straight for the colosseum which is just next to the Forum Romanum and I had a combi ticket. Astonished is the best word to describe me inside the colosseum. It was pretty impressive to say the least.



My imagination went wild and I saw those images of gladiators fighting in the arena… oh yeah, I spent a lot of time in the colosseum and I adored it. Wish I had seen it at night though… you know, when they have lights all around. But I was pretty exhausted from that day out in the sun, the walking up and down the Palantine (the hill on which the Forum Romanum is located). Plus I had managed to catch a sunburn that was tiring me even more. Lots of relaxing was the only thing I wanted for that night.


Thursday, August 28th 2014:
My second attempt at seeing some more from the Vatican. And I managed to get in line (which processed pretty quickly although it was quite long!), pss through security and enter San Pietro. No, not right away into the Basilica, that is for p… well, I wanted to get up to the dome first. I took the stairs, my feet were already hurting from the day before but I ignored them. Starirs and more stairs and even more stairs after that. Believe me, it was quite a struggle to get up there. The last part was narrow and steep and sometimes there was hardly enough space to stand upright (even for me and I am not that tall!). But oh the look from the very top! Beautiful. Impressive. Just freaking awesome. See for yourself:


After getting all those stairs down, I went into the Basilica and took lots of time to walk through, take pictures and just enjoy the artwork. I am not religous but I am actually a big fan of churches. They are really pretty most of the time and they were THE achievement for every architect back in the days… that impresses me. And I love the quiet and peace inside of every church.
Before actually leaving the vatican again (sadly the Sixtine Chapel AND the Museums were overflown with tourists, so I think this is one thing – or two ^^ – that will have to wait til the next visit), I sat down next to San Pietro and chilled. There was some shadow, I had something to drink and some music… and right in front of me was a cute guard. Yep, one of the Swiss Guardians was right in front of me. And he was pretty cute. So no reason to leave that space all too soon 😉


As it was my last full day in Rome, I wanted to finally go shopping for a bit, especially taking some time to rummage around Sephora 🙂 my first ever trip to Sephora (and they have Sephora in France! Oh boy, I missed out during previous stays in France). And let me tell you, it was great. Really awesome. For someone who enjoys make-up anyway. I got colour matched, everyone and their mother (no, actually just the Sephora staff) wanted to slap some make-up on my face. I ended up with foundation and powder from Sephora, a concealer from Helena Rubinstein (Magic Concealer and oh wow it was magic oO), a mascara from Too Faced, lipstick from Nars and I swear I felt pampered.
Browsing through Sephora took quite some time and you will see what I bought there soon in a separate haul post 😉
I then wandered down the street, Via del Corso, entered a boutique here and there… it was nice and it was relaxed. Just exactly what I wanted and needed.


Friday, August 29th 2014:
The last few hours in Rome, I was a little reluctant to leave but really wanted to see my boyfriend again, so I couldn’t wait for coming home too. The last hours were filled with relaxing reading.
I went to the park around Sant’Angelo, picked out a nice bench in the shadows, took my snacks and drink out and sat there, enjoying life whilst reading. Talk of a relaxed way to pass some time!

I had ice-cream and bought a dress on the way back to my hotel, got my luggage and waited for the Shuttle to come pick me up again. Everything went really smooth and I had more than enough time to get to the airport, check-in my luggage and go through security to shop some Duty Free 😀
Yep, I even had too much time as my flight got delayed. One and a half hours waiting for boarding and Fiumicino airport does NOT have enough chairs. There weren’t even close to enough chairs around! That was a disaster for when you have to wait for so long!
Of course I did not even try to get a seat, I left those for people that needed it way more like old people or mothers with their children. Yeah, I am that kind of person. And I do it gladly.

And that’s it. That basically was my whole trip. I will now leave you with a few more pictures to gawk at 😉


View from near the Villa Medici


Near the Fontana del Tritone


Inside the Pantheon


The Angel Bridge


Isola Tiberina


Forum Romanum & Colosseum


some Romans 😀


inside San Pietro


The Vatican Gardens


San Pietro