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Hallo zusammen,


sicher habt ihr es schon mitbekommen, die nächste Glamour Shopping Week steht an. Vom 01. bis zum 08. April könnt ihr mit der aktuellen Ausgabe der Glamour und der darin enthaltenen Karte wieder mächtig Rabatte in vielen verschiedenen Shops absahnen. Ob ihr lieber in die Stadt geht oder online shoppt, es ist für jeden etwas dabei.

TIPP: Die aktuelle Ausgabe mit der Karte könnt ihr sicher noch im Handel kaufen und zur Not kann man sich auch eine digitale Karte in der App zulegen!

Ich möchte euch heute meine Highlights unter den Shops und meine Wishlist zeigen, wobei ich mir sicher nicht alles von dieser Wishlist jetzt kaufen werde…


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Barcelona Haul

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Hello there!

Yes, I know I’ve taken quite some time to write this up but seriously, I’ve just been busy every since I came back. The trip wasn’t very long, but it was nice and I think my mom was overly happy that we did this trip together. If I got her hints right, she’d love to this at least once every year. Sounds not so bad, eh?
If you haven’t read about my trip yet, you can get the recap her.



Haha yep, I’ve only shown you the bags so far, but this year I haven’t gone overboard with the make-up stuff and have bought a couple more clothing items, but I’ll show you everything – hoping you are interested! But let’s start with the make-up:

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Out of my comfort zone… shoe edition!

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Oh boy, from time to time I fall into the trap. Media – be it the internet, magazines or tv and movies – they all get to me sometimes and I will realize how „un-girly“ I am. Not that this is bad, but sometimes I just wish I had the same style and elegance as some people I admire.

Especially FleurdeForce and AmeliaLiana. (I love watching their youtube videos!) They both have a very different style, but I admire both of them for it.
AmeliaLiana is very feminine and sexy, things that I’d like to be although I’m not brave enough to wear some of the outfits she wears!
Fleur is either very casual chic or just downright chic and elegant in her styling and I wish I could pull it off as effortlessly as she seems to be doing it. Oh boy, Fleur is so gorgeous! But enough of that.

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New In: Clothing & Accessories Haul

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Hello everyone!

I’ve been ordering from H&M and Forever21 recently and thought you might be interested in the few new things I got. On both orders are things I do have to return (sizes or just „it looks totally different than online“), but I will show you all the things I ended up keeping. My boyfriend thought it was hilarious what I kept, I wonder if you will think so too…

Forever 21

Several Boyshorts, black, pink/white, lavender/white – size S – € 2,99 and € 1,99 x2
You never have enough underwear ^^ I thought these were cute and I liked the writing on the bright ones. As I pretty much only have white, black and grey undies, I thought a little pop of colour wouldn’t hurt my wardrobe 😉

Push-Up Bra, black and nude – size 34B (german size 75B) – € 4,95 each
My black bra is getting at the limit of his weartime and I needed a new one. And I thought about picking up a nude one for quite some time as my white bras always show up underneath a white shirt (don’t you hate that too?!) and I hope this one will not show up as much.
I am a fan of the push-ups, not because my boobs are so small (I think I have a good size), but rather because they hurt easily? Sounds awkward, but really they do and I found out that they hurt less when they are somewhat packed carefully 😀

Sports bra, apricot/peach – size M – € 13,75

Pretty and the right thing to wear underneath a good t-shirt. I’ve been swearing to myself that I start doing more sport/being more active and hoped that some pretty sportswear would help with the motivation. And I really hope it will.

Shirt with embellishment, rust – size S – € 3,99

I’m always on the hunt for tops that I can wear to work and therefore are a little nicer than your average t-shirt. This shirt is such a piece and will add a splash of colour to my work outfit every now and then. The colour is rather unusual but I think it will look great for when my head is getting a bit darker and more red again (which will be sometime soon probably).

„C’est la vie“ Hoodie, grey/aqua – size M – € 11,99

I love me a good hoodie for comfort wear at home! I’ve got lots of thick, hooded jackets but not that many hoodies and I chose this one as it is rather lightweight, so probably a great choice for summer nights at home when it gets a little chilly. My normal size (as you know by now) is S, but I ordered this in M on purpose to have it a little oversized and it really is comfy that way.

Yoga Capris, black/apricot (peach) – size S – € 9,75

More sportswear! I do have sports pants, but they all are loose fit and are nice to wear for certain things but I wanted a good pants that is somewhat tighter but still doesn’t feel too tight. These capris are great and I found it funny that size S and M both fit me rather well, with M being just a tiny bit more loose. This will be ordered again once the S becomes too tight what I hope won’t be anytime soon 😉

Transparent Playsuit with all-over flowerprint, black/pink – size S – € 11,13

This was listed under nightwear and I was intrigued by the idea of wearing a playsuit to bed. This appeared to be so light that it seemed to be a great choice for the upcoming summer when it gets really warm at night. It fits and is not too see-through so I can really wear it til late morning on a sunday without being kinda naked 😀 I’m pretty sure my bf will appreciate a pretty sight and I feel comfortable. Win-win situation.

Sporty top/shirt, apricot/pink – size S – € 12,75

This seemed to be a perfect addition to my sportswear collection on this order as it fits neatly into my color scheme here. It is loose fit and extremely comfy. Imagine the capris, the above-mentioned sports bra and this shirt. Perfect outfit and I think of going inline skating in this soon.

Sports bra, neoncoral-black – size M – € 13,75

This will work out with the capris too, but this is one of those sports bras that you could actually wear without a top. It covers more skin to begin with and seems to have a slightly stronger hold than the other one (that is why I am keeping both instead of the initial thought of choosing between the two sports bras).



Jeansshorts, Boyfriend-Style – size 38 – € 11,95

I thought these would be perfect for summer as my bf likes me in shorts and I do not have a jeans shorts yet. Shocker, I know. I don’t have many shorts in general because I think my thighs just look enormous (we all have flaws right?!) and therefore rather wear a skirt or dress in summer. But these looked cute and the boyfriend cut made them kinda appropriate for my thighs – or maybe it’s just that I have the feeling my thighs don’t look that big in those. Don’t know, don’t care. Like these! (Although I normally wear a size 36, but they were too small in 36 this time around)

Sneakers, blue – size 39 – € 6,95

Been dying to get some cute summer sneakers that I can wear with everything, be it dress, shorts, playsuit or whatever. These are comfy, very simple and I will be able to wear them with almost anything. I’ll need to put some extra soles in these but as I almost put these in all new shoes, I don’t really mind.

Flats, pale pink – size 39 – € 6,95

I love flats in spring & summer (basically just everytime it’s warm). I do have flats in black, red, green and white/beige and thought it would be cute to have a shade of nude flats that I can wear at work too. I somehow don’t find open sandals to be work-appropriate and am not the biggest fan of heels when it gets really warm, so flats it usually is and these are really cute.

Laced Dress, black – size S – € 10,45

They had a similar dress (or maybe it really is the same) last summer and I have been thinking about buying it for too long and then my size was gone – never to come back. In store they always tried to sell me the white version, but I felt that would make me look to pale and… well, you can never have enough little black dresses, right? They can work for basically every occasion and I don’t look super pale in this. It fits very tight, but hey, I need to have something to motivate me to be more sportive 😉

Pumps, blush – size 39 – € 14,95

I said before that I am not the biggest fan of heels and that is true, but I thought it wouldn’t hurt to have a nice pair of nude/blush heels for every occasion. These I will be able to wear to work when I want to dress up or when I want to go out for dinner or to a party. They basically match nearly every colour and are great if you want to make the dress or shirt you are wearing with this to stand out. I too find that the talons are a reasonable height so I hope I won’t break a leg or something 😀 What do you say? Perfect nude heel?

Anything here that tickles your fancy? Tell me in the comments 🙂

Link Love – Clothing

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Hello to the first post in this new category!

I have been thinking about making this post in a very long time and now I will finally do it. You will get my reccomendations to shops that sell clothes, nailpolish, make-up and a few other things.
As what I mostly buy from the internet are books, dvds (that goes without saying from the biggest online retailer there is), nailpolish and/or make-up and little things like candles or jewellry I thought I would share what shops I find most interesting to buy from, either because they are cheap or have a great variety of things or because they have something unique.

Today, we will start with something most girls never have enough of: Clothing. Are you like me? The wardrobe is full but you never have the right thing to wear?! 😀
My favs online are definitely H&M and Forever 21.

You could say there is at least one H&M in every city and you are right, but I sometimes find it hard to get my size (apparently I’m a standard size 😉 ) and usually you have more chance online. Plus, I love to browse the sale section just to look if any of the things I saw in store have been discounted and are now actually worth their price. There is nothing better than striking a good deal!
Shipping is always € 4,90, no matter what size and /or the weight of your order. Returning costs you nothing. In Germany, H&M is usually delivered by Hermes which I found extremely annoying as I always have problems with them. But recently they added the option to have it delivered to a Hermes Package shop nearby and that has been my favourite ever since. In my area, there is a shop that is open long enough for me to drive by after work without having to leave early. That fits me, it fits them because they don’t have to drive it back and forth and yeah, overall good performance ever since.

Shipping Costs: 4,90 € per order
Delivery: fast, if articles are on stock


Forever 21:
We have only 1 or 2 Forever21 stores in Germany (2 actually, one in Berlin and one in Munich!) and they are not around the corner. I have always loved those stores in the States and was so thrilled when I heard they have a European online store that ships to Germany. So happy! Ever since I am browsing through their shop every now and then and I like to take every special discount as a reason to do so too.
Ordering is easy, shipping is free on orders over € 75, returning is a little pain in the ass as you have to pay for it, but I think it’s still at a reasonable price. They often have things that I don’t see on every second person and that is something I like quite a lot.

Shipping Costs: € 6 within the EU, free on orders over € 75
Delivery: usually pretty fast

What are your favourite online shops for clothing? I would love to discover new shops!

Schönen guten Abend alle zusammen,

ab und zu fühlt man sich gestresst, das Wetter drückt einem aufs Gemüt (ja, die zwei/drei Tage Sonnenschein haben die langen Wochen des trüben Grau noch nicht vergessen gemacht) und insgesamt hat man Probleme sich selbst morgens aus dem Bett zu werfen. Was mir dann meistens hilft: mir etwas Kleines/Hübsches/Schönes zu gönnen. Oder ein Buch, aber die sind momentan tabu, da meine Abschlussprüfungen anstehen 😛 und bis ich am 20.03. die Fremdsprachenkorrespondenz-Prüfung hinter mir habe, darf ich mir kein Buch mehr kaufen, das ich wirklich lesen will.

Und bla bla bla… wir wissen alle, dass ich ewig über Bücher schreiben könnte. Aber darum soll es hier nicht gehen.
Eine Bekannte von mir hat einen wundervollen kleinen Shop , in dem sie handgefertigte Accessoires verkauft und was soll ich noch dazu sagen, außer dass ich die Sachen unheimlich toll finde. Fancy Thingummyjig steht für viele von Hand und mit viel Liebe gefertigte Accessoires. Besonders toll finde ich den Schmuck, den ich sowohl selbst trage, als auch schon verschenkt habe und damit jemanden sehr glücklich gemacht habe.

Vor ein paar Tagen habe ich dann also bestellt und heute das Päckchen mit folgendem Inhalt erhalten:


Bestellt habe ich:
– die hübschen Blumen, die in mir Sommerfeeling auslösen (und das kann ich gerade sehr gut gebrauchen!),
– diesen glitzernden Stern, alle drei Artikel sind Haarclips! und
– das Armband 🙂
unten im Bild sieht man zwei Paar Ohrringe, die ich als Geschenk erhalten habe und die mich extrem glücklich machen, weil sie wirklich unheimlich schön sind!

Falls euch der Shop gefällt und ihr das eine oder andere hübsche Stück entdeckt habt, gebe ich euch noch einen Tipp: Schaut auch auf der Facebook-Seite vorbei und sichert euch den Gutscheincode über 30 % Rabatt auf eure Bestellung bis zum 31.03.2013 !
Und wenn ihr schon dort seid, hinterlasst der guten Kay (so heißt die Shop-Besitzerin) doch einen lieben Kommentar, sie wird sich sicher wie ein Schneekönig darüber freuen 🙂

Liebe Grüße und ein schönes Wochenende euch allen!
eure Snowhoney