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Hello people!

Well, I took a break from Blogging during the summer months and therefore missed my August favourites post… so I thought I’d just throw it in with my September Favourites and you get more reading material 😀 hope you enjoy that.



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Book: Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo, Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins, Sonea – Die Hüterin by Trudi Canavan, Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins
Six of Crows has been a great read. It wasn’t easy following the story in the beginning, because there were so many different people and point of views, but once I got into it, it was great. The characters are all flawed but very likeable. Each and every one of them. I’m looking forward to the Sequel.

Anna and the French Kiss has been sitting on my shelf forever and I’ve had two friends telling me I really have to read it. I was reluctant to pick it up, because it’s basically chick-lit and that’s not something I usually go for. Now that I finally read it, I don’t know why I waited so long. Maybe I am a girl for (YA) chick-lit after all. The story was very nice and a breeze to read. Anna is cute and St. Clair… well, he’s obviously just dreamy.

The sequel trilogy to The Black Magician Trilogy had been on my to-read-list for years. I loved the first trilogy and was curious about how the story continued. It’s somehow less thrilling than the first series, but I still enjoyed the first book of the sequels a lot. It was easy to get back into the world and Imardin.

Lola and the Boy Next Door, whose name is Cricket, have been an easy read that was nice, but nothing more. The writing is as good as in Anna’s book, but the best parts of this installment were clearly the little glimpses of St. Clair. Sorry, but it’s the truth. I liked the book, but I couldn’t really connect with either Lola or Cricket. They were nice enough characters, but something that made them real relateable was missing for me. Now I hope for book three in the series…


Movie: Mockingjay Part 1, Captain America – Civil War
I finally watched Part 1 of the Hunger Games finale. I couldn’t even tell you why I haven’t watched it earlier… It was a good movie, a bit predictable I find, but still good. The only thing I did not foresee was Peeta. Or what he has become at the end. I’m looking forward to see how this will be solved or if it will egt solved at all – in the second part.


I always liked the Marvel Superhero movies… whilst Cap is not my favourite hero or Avenger, I like him and wanted to see this movie for quite some time. Now I finally did and it was nice, but I expected a bit more actually. The ending was… well, quite disappointing I think. It was still a good and entertaining movie, but not extraordinary.



Series: Pokémon XY and Pokémon XY&Z
My bf and I have rediscovered our love for Pokémon (of course because of Pokémon Go!) and it has been fun to catch up on the anime. Some things will always have the same feel and I’m glad I can watch something „childish“ with my partner. No feeling guilty for watching a kids program!
But I’m feeling a little guilty over drooling over Alan 😀 my bf doesn’t mind, but I am so clearly anticipating every minute that I see Alan on that show 😀


Make-Up/Beauty: Skin Care is life and no make-up days are essential
I’ve been taking a break from wearing make-up every day whilst we were on vacation in the Netherlands and my skin has never been so happy. Of course you shouldn’t skip skincare (even if it’s a minimalistic routine), but not wearing make-up and giving your skin some time to rest and breathe is amazing. My skin is in a great state right now and I’m loving it.







Other: short visit from my French cousin in August, vacation in September
One of my French cousins came for a short visit. It was nice. I worked a little less and ended my workdays early to have a little time to spend with her. Because of her visit we did play tourist in our hometown and it was quite nice to go out and explore a bit. I should do that more often.

We’ve been on vacation for a week in the Netherlands, at CenterParc Het Heijderbos. It was really nice, we got extremely lucky with the weather and enjoyed a full week of living the most lazy life possible. It was great and we might be returning to a CenterParc in the future (though probably to another one as to see something new too).



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