July 2016 – Favourites

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Hello people!

Holy canoly… is july really over already? Where the hell has my summer been so far? 😀 I really start thinking that someone fast forwqards my year when I’mnot looking.

Let’s see what I’ve been up to in the month of July.


Song/Music: „This Girl“ by Kungs & Cookin on 3 Burners
I know this song has been out a while and I’ve already listened to it plenty last month, but… well I just still like the song and start dancing whenever I hear it. For me that’s enough a reason to mention it here 😉 Good vibes, go!





Book: loads!
Yep, I mean what I wrote in the title… I have been reading a lot this month so I’ll keep it shorter than usual with the small reviews. I read:

  • Vision in Silver by Anne Bishop (The Other #3)
  • Magic Stars by Ilona Andrews (novella, Kate Daniels #8.5 & Grey Wolf #1)
  • White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout (The Dark Elements #1)
  • Stone Cold Touch by Jennifer L. Armentrout (The Dark Elements #2)
  • Every Last Breath by Jennifer L. Armentrout (The Dark Elements #3)
  • Girl Online by Zoe (Zoella) Sugg (Girl Online #1)

All of those I enjoyed a lot and would recommend them 🙂



Movie: World of Warcraft
Finally we watched the WoW movie and we found it to be pretty good. I don’t know much about the history Blizzard created for the game, but I knew enough to follow and recognize a couple characters. It was really nicely done and I kinda hope they bring out more, because there is so much more they can create a movie around.




Series: Witches of East End, Lucifer & Preacher
Wow, I’ve been active on that front the last month 😀 Witches of East End only has 2 seasons and I watched them pretty much in one go. It’s a little bit like Charmed and I used to love that groing up, so I enjoyed this series a lot too. I wish there had been more seasons… the end is not satisfying.


Lucifer was up next, it intrigued me and I got my bf to watch it with me. We kinda fell in love with that Lucifer and we watched season 1 pretty fast. It was really good, but there are still lots of questions left unanswered so we are eagerly awaiting season 2.


After finishing up Lucifer, we followed a recommendation that we got from his brother: Preacher. (Can you see a theme here?! ^^ I do.) We’ve watched 9 episodes and I’m still not sure if I really like it. This series is strange. Very strange. I do like the actor who plays the preacher, because the guy is good-looking, but the story is just plenty weird and I’m not able to follow everything. But hey, I watch it with my bf and so it’s fine.




Make-Up/Beauty: –



Haul: –




Other: my big brother’s wedding ☼☺♥♥♥☺☼
I’ve been waiting for this day ever since he announced the date to us, 16th of July 2016. It was absolutely stunning and I did have wet eyes during the ceremony but didn’t cry. Well, at least not then. I started crying the moment I stood in front of them to say my congratulations. She, my new sister in law, looked so gorgeous in her dress and when I stood in front of her that’s what I told her and welcomed her to the family being very emotional. She handed me over to my brother with the words „don’t let me see you cry or I’ll start crying too!“ … it was absolutely lovely. I really am happy to have her be a part of my family now.



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