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Welcome to a new Empties post!

It’s been about three months since my last empties post and my bag is so full. Maybe I am actually really getting better at using up stuff… but there is still so much! I do have a problem, but here is a part of the solution (hopefully ^^):




It’s quite a bit, isn’t it? Let’s jump right in then.





1) Isana Shower Gel Milk & Honey
This has been sent to me by Rossmann (thanks again!) and I enjoyed trying out their shower gels because I actually never had one before. Getting to a branch of theirs is not the easiest for me, so I usually shop elsewhere for my shower gels and therefore never had one of theirs before… it was nice but not my favourite scent.

2) bilou Shower Foam in „Tasty Donut“
I love foams to wash myself in the shower! This one is pretty awesome as it is quite dense and easy to spread. The skin feels really nice after using this and I quite enjoy the very sweet scent of this one, but my bf didn’t like how sweet the bathroom smelled for about 15 minutes after me using it 😀 I would buy it again though ^^

3) Balea Shower Gel „Cool Blossom“ (Bloodorange and Neroli Blossoms)
Loev love love the scent! It was a Limited Edition so I’m not sure if I can repurchase this, but I might wanna have a look because this was a real pleasure in the shower, especially for summertime.

4) Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner
Well, as much as I would love to like Aussie because so many people rave about this, I’m not getting along with the products I’ve used so far. This was the same. It was okay, but my hair felt quite heavy and started getting greasy relatively fast after using this… so I wouldn’t recommend it.

5) Dove Oxygen Shampoo
I’ve had this before and I loved it (which is obviously why I bought it again) and will most likely be repurchasing this from time to time. It leaves my fine hair feeling soft and light.

6) Batiste Dry Shampoo in „Cherry“ (travel size)
Batiste’s dry shampoos are my favourite and I do quite enjoy the cherry scent, though it’s not what I would have chosen for myself. I think I got this in a beauty box of some kind…

7) Batiste Dry Shampoo in „Strength and Shine“
First time of using this particular one and it was quite nice, but a little too much for my hair. It worked quite well in soaking up the grease, but I haven’t noticed my hair being any shinier… I won’t repurchase this particular one.






8) Balea Handcream „Urea“
I’ve shown this before and it still is one of my staples. It moisturizes the hands quite well, absorbs really quickly and doesn’t smell like anything particular (which makes it great for my bf too and that’s a big big plus!).

9) The Body Shop body butter in „Mango“
This smells scrumptious! I wanted to eat this or at least smell my body the whole time after applying it 😀 oh, gross. Well, this body butter was amazing (like all the ones from the Body Shop) and I would repurchase this.

10) Alverde Skin and Bath Oil in „Vanilla Chai“
I used this only as a bath oil, because I’m not the biggest fan of oils on my skin (like all over the body!). It smelled pretty good and was very enjoyable, leaving my skin very soft after the bath.

11) Kneipp Bubblebath „Seelentröster“ (Chocolate)
I’m not a fan of chocolate smells in my skincare or bodycare, so I didn’t enjoy this as much as I would have a bath normally. It was a good product, but the smell just isn’t my cup of tea.

12) Figs & Rouge handcream in „Vanilla Pistachio“
This has definitely been in a beauty box and I loved it. The smell was awesome and the hydration it gave was pretty good too for an everyday staple. I loved using this and will have to look into other products of the brand.

13) Crabtree and Evelyn handcream in „Tarocco Orange, Eucalyptus and Sage“
Also from a beauty box this too was pretty nice to use. The scent was something different for me as I don’t usually enjoy herbal scents much, but this was really great due to the orange in it. Really good product.

14) Balea Shaving Gel in „Fruchtige Sommerliebe“ (Raspberry & Lemongrass)
I love these shaving gels and buy pretty much every scent they bring out to try out, because I know the product itself won’t disappoint me. The scent was very enjoyable and fresh which makes it great for summer. If I can find this again I might repurchase it.

15) Elle Exception Nail Polish Remover
Another product from a beauty box and I really liked this remover. If it weren’t so hard to source I would probably buy this over and over again because ut was amazing! It didn’t dry out my nails as much as any other remover and that obviously is a great thing I would like to have around all the time.






16) First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser
It cleansed my skin and left it feeling clean, but somehow this didn’t particularly appeal to me and it certainly didn’t wow me, so I won’t be repurchasing this again… unless it comes in a kit with the moisturizer from the same range, because that one is amazing.

17) Balea Aqua Serum
Cheap and very moisturizing, I liked that serum and I will be repurchasing it for sure. Only downside is that it didn’t last me really long, so that annoyed me a bit, but for the price… I’d recommend it!

18) La Roche-Posay Serozinc
I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned this before and I do love it. It takes the place of a toner in my routine and it definitely helps clear my skin and it feels super refreshing on the skin. I will always and have repurchased this.

19) Garnier „Fruit Energy“ Foam Cleanser
This was perfect for in the shower or when I needed a really easy and gentle cleanse in the morning. I love the smell of this range and quite enjoyed this product but I don’t think the foam consistency is particularly appealing in a product like this so I’m probably not gonna rebuy this.

20) Montagne Jeunesse „Dead Sea“ Sheet Mask
This was pretty messy, but really good. My skin always reacts really well to any form of clay mask and this one was no different. I wouldn’t rebuy this product because it was more messy than when I apply clay masks from a tube, but it was a good product.

21) Rival de Loop Under Eye Patches
I absolutely adore these and will repurchase them time and time again. They do really help with puffiness and they feel very refreshing when you put them on. Great thing to have around the house.

22) Rival de Loop Pure Skin fruit acid peeling
A recommendation from Bookbeauty and this is amazing. I really love this product and have purchased it quite a couple times since she mentioned it. Just remember to apply suncreen after using this!

23) Garnier Micellar Water
Yeah, you know the drill by now, right? I like this product and buy it again and again. It’s my staple and will probably be repurchased a lot.





24) Sensodyne Toothpaste
This too is a staple you’ve seen quite a bit from me before. This is my go-to toothpaste because I have sensitive teeth that need this a little bit more expensive treatment. Teeth are super important so I don’t mind spending the extra money.

25) Colgate Toothpaste „Total“
I’ve had this one in a beauty box and therefore used it. It was quite good and made my teeth feel squeaky clean but I did notice them being a little more sensitive to hot and cold… so I wouldn’t repurchase this over my Sensodyne one.

26) Catrice Liquid Camouflage in „010 Porcellain“
This high coverage concealer is amazing and I love it a lot. If I hadn’t so many concealers to use up I would repurchase this one. I might actually do this once the next concealer is emptied up just because I really enjoyed it so much.

27) essence Eyeliner Pen Waterproof
I really wanted to like this because it is cheap and lots of people seem to like it. On me the colour payoff was weak, more grey than black and it dried up super fast. It was hard to get two opaque lines out of it in one go (like both eyes were too much, what?! oO)… No recommendation from me.



What products have you recently finished?


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