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Hello people!

Another month over and I’m not gonna talk about how the year is halfway over, but let’s talk about how it’s summer and holiday time! I hope you are almost on vacation and have a great and Long one at that… I have to wait quite a bit for a longer vacation, but I’ll have a week mid-july so… I’m okay.

Let’s see what I’ve been up to in the month of June.


Song/Music: „Ain’t your Mama“ by Jennifer Lopez
Is it weird that I like this song? I just think it has a great beat and sounds fun. It makes me wanna Dance and sing and practically all Songs that do that are automatically a favourite!




Book: An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir, Written in Red + Murder of Crows by Anne Bishop
Beautiful book, great writing and an inspiring collection of truths and hopes. I have loved this book. The characters are great even though I had a hard time coming around to Laia at first. She is just not your typical badass Heroine (that I usually like so much). But I was intrigued by Elias from the first sentences… I cannot wait for book number 2!
If you want to know more, you should have a look at my review here.
The Others… oh boy, yes they are other, brilliantly written by Anne Bishop. It had taken me a bit of time to get into the world described here, but once I was in it, it was amazing. Sometimes it’s hard to understand the way the Others react, but as we (the reader) mostly see through the eyes of Meg Corbyn it is getting quite easy to anticipate and understand. I am right in the middle of book three as I’m writing this and I love this series. Another great recommendation by Tabi, thanks hun!




Movie: –




Series: Outlander Season 2, Game of Thrones (end of season 5)
I’ve finally started season 2 of Outlander and it is just as nice to watch as the first season. Unfortunately, Claire is getting on my nerves a little because she is a little volatile and seems to honor only her wishes and doesn’t pay much attention to Jamie any more.Weird. But Jamie isn’t perfect either, he is getting a little out of hand (out of character almost) when they’re settling into their new life in Paris. But still, it’s fun to watch.


I knew what would happen at the end of season 5 and so I wasn’t left speechless when I watched it, but still… it hit me in a way I didn’t see coming. But yeah, Winter is coming. This time, it’s practically already there. It was a good season overall, but I do miss the Feeling of Season 1 and 2. Couldn’t tell you exactly what it was that I loved so much about those, but… I just want it back. The Season 5 finale left me wanting to continue watching which I’ll probably be doing throughout July (and hopefully this time around I won’t stop watching mid-season).



Make-Up/Beauty: L’Oréal Nude Magique Cushion Foundation
Still stuck on a beautiful complexion… I love this product! The shade 01 is a pretty good match for my skin and I adore the finish. It feels very lightweight, but covers up enough for me to feel comfortable all day. Plus it’s easy to apply. You can take the sponge it comes with, a brush or your beautyblender (dupes too ^^)… I am loving it and will probably repurchase this once I run out of product. Even if it is a little bit pricier…



Haul: Candles and books
Yeah, that might seem a bit odd, right? I mean buying a bulk of candles in summer when most people aren’t lighting candles… but I do. Not when it’s super hot, but we’ve had lots of grey days and rain. I took advantage of a birthday coupon I had and ordered a couple candles from a new (to me!) brand called Village Candle. They are pretty good. I’m impressed. You can see all the goodies in this post.



For the books too I was able to take advantage of some birthday vouchers I got. It would take too long to talk to you about every single book I bought, but I wrote a whole blogpost about it. You can read it => here. And I’ve been devouring some of the books already!



Other: Football EuroCup 2016
I’ve always loved the big tournaments and I always liked football. I have seen most of the matches in the group stage and pretty much all other matches too. Getting into the Euro, I obviously root for Germany and France. And if they ever play each other, I will root for Germany (sorry Mama!).
It’s been fun to watch even if some things that are happening around the big event are not so fun… the English and Russians battling each other in Marseille and especially the Russians launching an attack on English fans (even kids!) after the match in the stadion… Stupid dumbasses! That’s less pretty and I wish things like that wouldn’t occur in football so much :/



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