April 2016 – Favourites

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Hello people!

April is over and I hope that means that summer is just around the Corner or well, that spring is finally here 😉 Let’s see what I loved in April:


Song/Music: „No Control“ by OneDirection
I am extremely late to the bandwagon ^^ but I recently started listening One Direction and that song just makes me wanna sing and dance. I like songs that do that.


Book: Clockwork Princess and City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare, Schattentraum by Mona Kasten, Indigosommer by Antje Babendererde
Yeah, this month has been a busy reading month… ^^ well, the german books were easy reads, something to relax with. Pretty but easy. I read Schattentraum in one go on the train journey back home from France. It was good and I would recommend it if you are interested in a little romance and fantasy mixed together.

The Cassandra Clare books had been on my list forever. I finally read the finale of the Infernal Devices trilogy and it was good but infinitely sad at the same time with a shimmer of hope at the end. Weird description, I know.
City of Lost Souls is everything I thought it would be, but was – luckily – better than the previous part of the Mortal Instruments Series (City of Fallen Angels). Clary is starting to get on my nerves, but hey, Ihave that a lot if the book doesn’t wow me. Still, I absolutely want to read the whole series, so I will be sure to give Cityof Heavenly Fire a read… probably soon.



Movie: Er ist wieder da
Funny enough is that I saw this german movie in France, but in german language. It was a rather good movie that makes you think about what’s happening in our country. We have so much trouble with hate and fear of foreigners… I think it is really sad that a pretty large part of the population is angry towards people that are different. We should embrace all people whether their skin is white, black or whatever, whatever their religion.


Series: Z-Nation
Weird how one evening in France turned me into someone watching something zombie related… I’ve never been much of a zombie fan, but as we didn’t know what to watch one evening, my cousin’s roommate asked us if we wanted to watch Z-Nation with him and now I am watching it from the beginning. It’s not one of those series that leaves me yearning for more, but some of the characters are just cool and you come to care for them really fast.


Make-Up/Beauty: Bourjois City Radiance foundation
Whilst in France, I was determined to buy a new bottle of my Bourjois Healthy Glow foundation and at the very last moment in the shop I decided to try something new: the City Radiance foundation. No regrets there! The foundation feels light but gives a medium coverage and makes my skin even and smooth. I like the foundation and as it has a SPF of 30, I am rather happy to have bought this now that summer is (hopefully!) coming.



Haul: Sephora (France)
I’ve been to France in the middle of April and of course I had to go into Sephora. I didn’t buy a lot of things, but a few very interesting (to me) bits and bobs. For over two years I’ve been interested in trying a Nars foundation and decided it was time to pick up the Weightless foundation in Mont Blanc. I also picked up an original Beauty Blender (my first! ^^), the NARS creamy radiant concealer in my shade Vanilla and a Sephora Pro Brush (#56).



Other: short-trip to France
After almost 6 years I’ve finally been able to return to France and to see my cousin again. She used to be one of my best friends even if she lived a 1000 km away. It was really nice to reconnect. I’ve gotten to train my language skills a bit (I only rarely speak French at home with my mom, though she always speaks French to me!) and had a great time. Read my recap of the trip here.



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