Recap: Nantes Trip (France) + Haul

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ello everyone!

Today I wanna talk to you about my recent trip to Nantes (all on my own ^^). It’s been years (6 if I remember correct) since I’ve last been to France… seeing as it is my second home, it’s been an awfully long time. It was great being back 🙂



It was the beginning of March when I felt the need to contact my cousin. See, we’ve kinda grown up together (she is only 3 weeks older than me!) and not having seen her since 2011, I missed her. And gladly, she missed me too ^^

We’ve tried finding some time together, but it wasn’t easy with work and our everyday life… but she mentioned that she would have one week of vacation in April and well, there I was suddenly booking a train to Nantes where she lives 😀 we were both overjoyed to see each other. I planned my stay to be from Thursday to Monday, so we could have a whole long weekend together.



My arrival at about 4 p.m. couldn’t have been better timed because they had a big demonstration going on and the tram wasn’t working in the city center. So we had to walk all the way with my suitcase 😀 but hey, a little excercise never hurt anybody, right?! ^^
I remembered vaguely that she had a cat… but oh Boy was I wrong 😀 she had two cats:




black little monster ^^


Nidalee – extreme cuddler 😉

And her roommate (aka her Cousin but not mine!) has another, a third cat:

That night we had pizza with her roommate and her boyfriend who came to join us later that night. We talked, even though not too much because I was tired as f***. But it was nice and cosy and I enjoyed it.


Friday we decided to start the day slowly and then headed into town to get me to Sephora 😉 you know I had to go there, right? She loves Sephora too and I’ll include my haul at the end of this post. Whilst I only have great things to say about the staff in Rome’s Sephora stores, the French staff was a Little unpleasant. Unfortunately. We asked for assistance on choosing the right shade for my in a foundation and the girl from Smashbox was desperately trying to steer me away from the foundation I chose to a Smashbox one. I hate when People do that. But I told her that I knew what I wanted and she shut up.

We had a nice little lunch in „La Brioche Dorée“ (Sandwich, Dessert, cold beverage + hot beverage for only about 8 euros!) and had a long winded shopping spree though I didn’t buy much.
When we came home, we prepared dinner as another of our cousins was meant to join us with her boyfriend. Two couples and me that night for Fajitas! It was a funny evening that I enjoyed wholeheartedly. Both guys are pretty amazing and I wish my cousins the best of luck with those boys 😉


My cousin had mentioned „Les Machines de L’île“ to me on friday and how she thought I would love it. So that’s where we were headed on saturday after breakfast. And she was right.


It was a sight I can tell you! It’s impressive what some People are able to create once they put their minds to it… I enjoyed watching the machines being operated and tell their story. Once they are done with their second Long term Project of the tree, I have to go back. That’s a definite must.


an ant for the Tree Project


a big Spider for the Tree Project


bird (French: Héron) for the Tree Project


the big elephant

We had a nice lunch in a Café (rather late at about 4 p.m. :D) and enjoyed the on and off sunshine of that day with the machines. Once we were home, we snuggled with the three cats, ate some leftover fajitas and watched Netflix.


For sunday we had made arrangements to go that tiny little town in which we partly grew up… every summer, many people from our family met at my grandma’s summerhouse on the coast. It was the most amazing thing for kids (or a big family like ours ^^). The house itself wasn’t extremely big, but it bordered the beach, had lots of beds and was the meeting point for most people in our family.


Unfortunately, it doesn’t belong to our family anymore. When my grandma died, they had to sell it as it’s quite difficult to manage an „heirloom“ between 11 People – I suppose you can imagine.

My aunt and uncle who live in that same little town had invited us for lunch and were very welcoming. They too hadn’t seen me in almost 6 years. It’s funny how time flies by… we brought the dessert and our aunt made lunch (duck and apples – yummy!). After the whole ‚ado‘ (you know, aperitif, lunch, dessert, coffea) my cousin and me went for a walk to and along the beach, just as we had always done when we were Kids.





When the clouds rolled in, we decided to go a café and have a drink (another childhood memory: Diabolo Grenadine) and then have a little tour of the couple shops that were open on that sunday (it was holiday time in the region). We then went for a pretty expensive ice cream at ‚La Fraiseraie‘ which – of course – is another childhood memory of ours 😀 … though it used to be a bit cheaper. But it’s still as good as it used to be!

Steak and salad was all we managed to cook up for dinner once we were back home and totally exhausted. We sat back on the couch with the three cats and my cousin’s cousin to watch Z Nation. My last evening! It went so fast…


My train already left at noon, so we didn’t do much that day. We went to the Train station, got me a big sandwich for the road and said our goodbyes (and promises never to let 6 years pass again before we see each other again!). I then sat in the train for basically the rest of the day and read 😉


This could have been the end… if I hadn’t promised to Show you what I bought whilst on that trip:



– NARS All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation in Light 2 „Mont Blanc“

– NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Light 2 „Vanilla“

– Sephora Pomegranate Face Mask

– Sephora Pro Brush #56: Flawless Airbrush

– Original BeautyBlender

– Bourjois City Radiance Skin Protecting Foundation


And that now is the end. I had an amazing time in Nantes and hope for a redo in the not so distant futre!







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