March 2016 – Favourites

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Hello people!

There it is again… another month over and it is time for a favourites post. I’m not gonna say time flies by… but it kinda does. At least, I think so.


Song/Music: „Cheap Thrills“ by Sia feat. Sean Paul
I’ve enjoyed this song a lot lately. It has a good beat and what I think is a good message. You don’t need money (or alcohol!) to have a good time. Having a good time comes down to who you are with and what you chose to do. I just like the song.


Book: Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews, The Power by Jennifer L. Armentrout
I love love love every book in this series and Magic Shifts was no exception. Brilliant characters, fast-paced storytelling and lots of humour are key to this series. This book has captivated me, kept me reading and wanting to read even when I clearly couldn’t (aka being at work and having to actually work ^^). I cannot recommend this series enough!

Back on track with Seth and Josie! I like the second book in the Titan Series and gosh, after the first one kinda blew me away, I awaited the second installment so impatiently. I’m so happy to see how the story with Seth and Josie is unfolding further…



Movie: What a girl wants, Raise your voice & Deadpool
The first two are movies I’ve seen before and love. I am a sucker for „teenie movies“ and have no problem admitting that. What a girl wants is one of my favourite movies of all time and once I’d started to watch it for the umpteenth time, I fell in love with Oliver James all over again. Pretty boy at that time and hey, I liked him then, I like him now. So that made me wanna watch Raise your voice again too because he stars in it. And I did. I love those teenie movies because they leave me feeling good and fluffy. Plus, they usually have this motivational side to them that I am just a sucker for. Sometimes I just need that.

Deadpool was a no-brainer. A superhero that is more of a dick and has a sense of humour so dark, twisted and sarcastic that it might offend lots of people?

Yep, that appeals to me. So I went to see it with my boyfriend at the movies and we liked it. We watched it in english too which was good because I’m sure some of the jokes just don’t work translated. But they need to make sure of one thing for the sequel: more Story.



Series: Hawaii Five-0 Season 6
After a long pause on watching H50, I finally decided last week (at Easter to be exact) that it was time that I dove right back in and enjoy Steve and Danno. I am up to date now. I watched all the available episodes of Season 6 and I enjoyed it. There is, unfortunately, much less of those funny McDanno moments that we had on Seasons 1 and 2, but I still enjoy the series. It has beautiful shots of Hawaii and the characters are great.

Make-Up/Beauty: essence Make-Up fixing spray
I wanted to try it when it came out but hadn’t very high hopes. Fortunately, I was wrong and this spray is really good. It takes off the powdery finish and locks the make-up in place. I’m loving it even if I use a lot of it and it therefore doesn’t last too long. But considering the price and the availability (in every drugstore) I am all for this spray.



Haul: RingCon DVDs
I knew I had to buy them one day and I just caved in at the beginning of the month. I bought the years 2010 – 2014 and have watched them all too. It makes me laugh, it makes me revisit some old memories and it makes me appreciate all those past weekends full of amazing people and fun. I hope the new fantasy con that will debut in 2017 will be as magical and fun as RingCon always was to me.



Other: Planning a short-trip to France
Yay, finally (after 5 years of absence!) I will get to go to France again. I’ve been wanting to go back to my second home for a while and was never able to arrange something. Now I have and I will stay with my cousin in Nantes. And we will probably make a daytrip to the little town on the atlantic coast where we used to spend our summers. I cannot wait!



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