November 2015 – Favourites

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Song/Music: Raise your glass by Pink
Why? Because it is the Ring*Con song and I have had the conblues for quite a while this year (probably because it was the last Ring*Con). This song makes me wanna sing and dance and just tell everyone to f**k off. Yes, I may be weird at times, but it doesn’t matter —> So raise your glass if you are wrong in all the right ways 😉


Book: Scherben der Hoffnung (Shards of Hope) by Nalini Singh, Whispers at Moonrise by C.C. Hunter
Yes, the second month in a row… I’ve still been reading this book, because a) I read less and b) it’s a thick book to read. Many pages. Great words. I love Aden and by now I like Zaira too, even if I think I’d have wirtten another character for him. But hey, that’s how it is. You don’t always agree with the author, but that’s fine. I still liked this book for what it was: a big development in the overall story arch.

Finally, I’ve started the last book in the Shadow Falls Camp Series and it is a great „laid back read“ as I like to call it. I am loving this series for exactly that. Kylie is once again faced with her enemy and has problems solving her lovelife… that’s basically the whole series 😀 but I like it a lot. We’re getting some heartbreak, romance, great frindship moments and lots of action (or that’s what I am expecting at this point…).


Movie: Spectre (James Bond)
Ever since I was old enough to watch James Bond, I used to watch it with my mom and we have seen all the Daniel Craig Bond’s at the movie theatre together. So when the new one came out, I asked her if she would enjoy a mother-daughter-movie-night and she was delighted! We rooted more for Christoph Waltz in this one though… xD we love Christoph Waltz‘ acting. He is an incredible actor. The movie was good, however, to me the best Bond will always be Sean Connery before Pierce Brosnan and then all the others.


Series:  Arrow Season 4 and Flash Season 2
I’m still watching all the new Arrow and Flash episodes pretty much as soon as they come out. But besides that, nothing really. This was a busy month in terms of watching youtube videos and reading and just going to bed early ^^


Haul: Black Friday Hauling and Sephora VIB Sale
I picked up quite a few things in the Sephora VIB sale, but I’m not getting my products before quite some time… the sale is not international, unless you have a US shipping adress. So I asked a friend of mine who is working as an au pair in the States if I could send the package to her and she then forwards it to me (with me paying shipping obviously!)…. She agreed and even asked me if I would like her to give the parcel to a friend who’s coming over to visit and who can then send it from Germany to me. I obviously agreed as it saves me some shipping costs 😉

Black Friday is something that’s hard to withstand… but I didn’t want to spend too much on the sales, so I only waited for an offer from one site: Victoria’s Secret. (I love their lace panties!) But then, as it is, I ordered some christmas presents in the Black Friday sales too and will ship all of it together through Shipito once everything arrived at the warehouse.

Other: Ring*Con 2015
I have posted a little recap of my con weekend (that you can read here), but I’m not getting tired of talking about the fantastic experience that is Ring*Con. Or, well, was Ring*Con. It was the last in this form this year and it was sad, but we all made it a worthy end by partying hard and having as much fun as humanly possible. We will see what comes next and if the new concept for a fantasy convention is something we can all enjoy… see you in 2017!





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