First Advent 2015 (29th Nov 2015)

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Hello my friends!

Long time no manicures on this blog and I thought I’d have to change that, especially for winter/christmas. I will be bringing you one mani tutorial on each advent sunday. Don’t worry, I’ll make them all easy as nobody wants to invest too much time in doing something that might go wrong in the end, right? Enjoy your sunday with family, friends and some sweet and hot treats.

I hope you’ll find inspiration in these short little tutorials and if you copy one of those, please upload a picture and tag me on twitter, instagram, facebook or even on snapchat! (my snapchat is: snowhoney_da)


We’ll begin with a wintery manicure that is perfect if you do not wanna go to christmas-y yet. I love this form of manicure and do it quite often, because it really doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, a bit of glitter will always make your nails look stunning.

All you need are four polishes and a make-up sponge. Easy!

FUN Lacquer "Anna"; Colors by Llarowe "A Lot More Help Sucking Up"; Sweet Heart Polish "My Kind Of Party"; essence "I ♥ Magic"

FUN Lacquer „Anna“; Colors by Llarowe „A Lot More Help Sucking Up“; Sweet Heart Polish „My Kind Of Party“; essence „I ♥ Magic“


This wintery glitter gradient is perfect for making your nails look festive and elegant, be it to glam up your everyday manicure or when you have a special event coming up. And it is truly easy, I bet everyone can do this. Just follow these steps and you’ll have  a super cute mani that everyone will envy you for:

1. Apply a basecoat of your choice and let it dry completely.
2. Apply one colour of your choice to start with the base of your gradient. Let it dry completely.
(I applied a darker shade of blue: Colors by Llarowe „A lot more help sucking up“)

3. Grab your sponge and apply two layers of your coloured polish: the darker and lighter shade.
(My light blue shade is: FUN Lacquer „Anna“)

4. Day your spong onto your nail carefully to create your coloured gradient. Repeast as often as you need to create a satisfying result.
Let it dry completely.

5. Apply your first layer of glitter polish about halfway up your nail. Repeat on each nail. It doesn’t have to be neat!
(My first glitter polish is: essence Effect Nail Polish „22 I ♥ Magic“)

6. Top off your glitter on the tips by adding a second glitter polish of your choice.
If it has chunkier glitter inside, place it carefully where you want it to be. Let it dry a bit.
(My second glitter polish is: Sweet Heart Polish „My kind of Party“)

7. Seal your manicure with a good glossy (and maybe fast drying?) topcoat of your choice. Voilà, you’re done.










Do you like this manicure? Please let me know in the comments and don’t forget, if you recreate this mani, post a picture and tag me! I’d love to see your beautifully festive nails!

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