August 2015 – Favourites

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Song/Music: Country Love and Bobby Long’s „Ode to thinking“ 
It is finally here! Bobby Long’s new album „Ode to thinking“ was released earlier this month and it is as great as the previous ones, even better than the last one which was recorded with a band and lacked the whole „pure Bobby“ feeling for me. I got to know Bobby all on his own, just him and his guitar (and the harmonica) and that’s how I love him the most. Great album that you should give a try. It is available on spotify.


With Bobby’s new album my love for „simpler“ music got to a new high. From Bobby’S „folk and blues“ inspired music to country… it’s really not that far off, is it?! ^^ I’ve been getting into country music more and more and am loving the spotify radio station „country“ a lot this month. Perfect for laid-back days.


Book: The Return (Titan #1) by Jennifer L. Armentrout, Obsession (An Arum Novel) by Jennifer L. Armentrout 
Yep, it was an Armentrout kinda month 😀 Tabea hoped I would read the Return soon, so she had someone to fangirl with and somehow I didn’t expect to like it as much as I did… but inhaling it in 2 days says it all. I was thrilled to be back in the Covenant world, and Seth is a very funny guy that finally finds something again that makes his life worth living. Oh yeah, I like that kinda stories 😉


Obsession didn’t put me in a rush to read it, but it was a great and very enjoyable read. I can recommend it a lot. In the lux Series I was already into Hunter and this book was just logical. It needed to be written and I’m glad Ms Armentrout saw the need. Awesome book that is a little more „adult“ than the Lux Series (yes there are some really intense sex scenes in there).


Movie: Jurassic World 
It was an okay movie, but it was kinda Jurassic Park all over, don’t you think? It was entertaining but nothing that blew my mind. And (something that happens to me rarely), I was annoyed by the love story oO it seemed kinda forced to me. You know the whole „there needs to be a love story“ feeling…


Series: Heartland Season 1+2, Teen Wolf Summer Finale 
I’ve been searching for a fluffy show and I found Heartland, a show about the people of a ranch called Heartland that has dedicated to heal traumatised horses. Love it. It’s fluffy and a bit dramatic at times, but always with heart and soul. I’m really digging it and I still have 4 seasons to watch, so that’s good.


Speaking of traumatizing… the Teen Wolf summer finale! OMG, seriously, what the heck?! How can MTV leave us fans hanging with this? I’ve shed some tears (even if I knew it was totally stupid) and I’ve cringed, a lot. This episode truly left me a bit hanging in the air and I’m not happy with how many questions are left unanswered. And the next episode is due in January 2016. Again, SERIOUSLY MTV?! WTF?!


Make-Up/Beauty: playing around with Colourpop 
I’ve finally come around to show you my things from Colourpop and don’t they look super pretty? I’ve been wearing the eyeshadows a lot, everyday a new colour and as only colour on the eye they do certainly look amazing. As they only really look good applied with the finger, I usually don’t fuss around with a brush and another colour and wear them exclusively. Works great and takes less time to get ready in the morning!


Haul: essence Trend Edition „Make me pretty“ 
I bought practically the whole edition, kinda. It was a brushes only limited Edition and as I like the few brushes I have from essence (sure, they are no Zoeva brushes, but they work rather good), it was a no-brainer to get some from the LE too. Wanting to make sure that I actually get all those I want, I did order them online from KosmetikKosmo.
Most of the brushes are really lovely, others I still need to play around with to find out how they’ll work best for me, but I’m very happy with my purchase.


Other: small vacation 
Yeah, one and a half week (10 days) of vacation and I enjoyed it a lot. No going abroad or anywhere fancy, but staying home, cleaning and re-arranging the appartement and a little day-trip to the zoo with my mom (we love animals!) and a meet-up with my girls (it was lovely!). I wish I would’ve gotten more done around the appartement, but I’ve been watching Heartland and lots of youtube videos too, so… well, it was a vacation after all! ^^



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