[New In] Colourpop Part #2

Veröffentlicht: 17. August 2015 in Beauty, Haul, Unboxing
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Hello peeps!

Finally, here is part 2 of my Colourpop haul that I’ve promised you so long ago… the problem with my camera has been resolved, unfortunately not the way I wanted it too, but hey, a new camera is nice too.

Just to remind you, here is all the things I got in my Colourpop haul from May/June!


I’ve shown you the lippie stix and the cheek products in part 1 (click here) and today I’ve got all the pretty gems for the eyes 😉


The must-buy product apparently. At least after seeing all those hype reviews out on the web… I’ve been wanting to try two or three shadows, but ended up liking one of the collections (Mondays in Malibu) so much that I bought that and added only one more shadow. And I was lucky to get the limited edition freebie shadow in „Birthday Girl“.


1. Gecko
Soft opalescent silvery green with pink duo chrome finish/ Pearlized finish

2. Snakebite
Mid- tone warm gold/ Ultra-Metallic finish

3. Sand Swoon
True pastel pink softly sprinkled with gold flecks/ Satin Luxe






4. Prickly Pear
Warm-toned Plum with tons of tons of gold and pink glitter/ Metallic finish

5. Mirage
Soft sage green with a champagne gold sheen/ Pearlized finish

6. Hot Tamale
Reddish brown with soft copper sparkles/ Satin Luxe finish







7. Shark Attack
You’ll be fending off more than sharks in this mid-tone warm coral with gold duo chrome finish in a Pearlized finish.

8. Birthday Girl (this has been a gift as Colourpop just turned 1!)







So, how do you like these pretty things? I’m pretty amazed by those shadows. They’re pretty and they work perfectly for everyday… At the moment I love using these as only colour on the eye. They’re a breeze to work with. Just a swipe of your finger and they’re on and they don’t budge for hours!

Which one of the bunch is your favourite?


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