[New In] Colourpop Part #1

Veröffentlicht: 28. Juli 2015 in Beauty, Haul, Unboxing
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Hello peeps!

I’ve got some new items in my beauty collection that I need to show you because so many people are loving and hyping these at the moment. Yes, that is why I got them too… I’ve read lots of great reviews and a sudden urge to try these came up. Sorry not sorry.


Colourpop Cosmetics does not ship internationally yet, but they said that they are working on it. Not sure when they will… but maybe you can keep an eye out for it. Or you go all out and order it to be transferred by a freight forwarder like I did. After reading this article on MagiMania, I was ready to launch myself in there and try out my luck with Shipito. Everything went really well and I can recommend it.

Unfortunately, due to a problem with my camera, I can only show you a part of my haul because I can’t get the pictures for swatches from the other products… I will show them to you in the future, I promise. But let’s start with all the pretty things that I can show you today!


When you try out a new brand and are newly obsessing over blushes and a full face of make-up for everyday… you just gotta try at least one blush and seeing as the highlighters were pretty new… well…


1. Birthday Suit
Put a lil’ pink in your cheek with this neutral pink in a satin finish

2. Highly Waisted (Highlighter)
Soft golden peach with pink and gold duo chrome finishes. One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.



As someone that is obsessed with lipsticks and glosses, I couldn’t not buy any of the lippie stix. I wanted to try some different finsihes and I’ve been tempted to buy a lot more, but I settled for three. Three is enough. For now.


1. Lumière
A dusty mauve pink in a matte finish created by the lovely @KathleenLights – “I wanted a color that both bold and shy people could wear. It’s not a nude..it would look great on EVERYONE​!”

2. Julep
Bright red coral in a Cream finish, perfect for getting down and dirty in the infield or classing it up in “Millionaires Row”.

3. Frida
A warm mid tone nude pink with a satin finish – “For the woman fueled by a substantial amount of coffee.” (Coffee Break With Dani)



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