Goodreads Reading Challenge – Update #2

Veröffentlicht: 14. Juli 2015 in Bücher
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Hi guys!

Here I am with my next Update on my goodreads challenge. Yeah, I gotta say, this year I’m really proud of myself because it is going so well. I’ve been trying to find more time to read and I’m getting it squeezed in my schedule. I might not read every day, but almost every day. And reading is bliss.

My challenge is to only read 22 books, but with work and my interest in watching series and lost of youtube videos, painting my nails and beauty stuff it isn’t always easy to fit in the reading after a long day at work. Especially if it was a stressfull day, because who wants to read intense stuff after that? I then like to chill out in front of youtube or one of my favourite series.

But, there is always the lunch break at work. And that is one of the things I’ve been doing to increase my reading. And I love it. My co-workers all read the newspaper, I read a book. Good stuff.



I am at over 80 % … wow. No, seriously, I’m happy and blown away. That is a lot more reading than I thought I could fit in by July. Nearly 7,000 pages aren’t that bad, though I really do not read the thickest books in history, so I’m probably way behind other people when it comes to pages read, but hey, every progress is progress!

An average rating of 4.17 is pretty amazing. Maybe I just give good ratings, but seriously, I pretty much only read books so far that I loved. That is something that I want to make no compromise on: read awesome books. Why settle on okay-ish books when you can have awesome books? Yeah, right, why would you?! Okay, you cannot always know if you’ll love a book before starting it, but I’ve been trying to listen to my gut on this. If I really want to read a book, I will not settle for one that I should read just because I’ve been having it sitting around for longer.

Here are the books I’ve read so far this year:



But enough of me now. How far have you come in your reading challenge?


  1. munderoon sagt:

    Just realised you’ve read only the good stuff this year! Someone has a good hand with books these days! 😊

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