June 2015 – Favourites

Veröffentlicht: 3. Juli 2015 in Favoriten
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Song/Music: Pitch Perfect 2 Soundtrack
I got the soundtrack for my birthday and have been listening to it a lot since. It’s not as good as the first I’d say (as with the movie) but still a great soundtrack and great music in general. My favourites got to be: The Riff-Off, The Finals from both the Barden Bellas and Das Soundmachine and Lollipop 😀


Book: The Maze Runner by James Dashner
I haven’t read much this month, most of the time I’ve been reading on Magic Breaks, but at the moment I am reading the Maze Runner and I like it! The story so far comes as no surprise as I have seen the movie before reading the first book, but I still like the writing style and the characters. I wanted to get to know them better and now I do.



Series: Game of Thrones Season 5
I had started watching the season when it came out, but as always I get bored after two or three episodes (tired of waiting a full week or so to get the next one!) and leave it be til it all aired. Then I watch it and this is what I’ve been doing towards the end of the month. Yep, it is exciting but again… so many deaths. So many of the characters I love are either dying or are put through so much that they can not really ever recover from that!



Make-Up/Beauty: lash love
When you watch youtube videos, you hardly find a make-up tutorial where the youtuber only uses one mascara… I’ve always felt that they’re over-doing it, but recently found out that it can make a huge difference to your lashes! I am usually a fan of drier mascaras and tend not to like them when they’re freshly opened, so meshing two together when one is new = not gonna happen.
Currently I like the Miss Manga (original) from L’Oréal topped up with the Maybelline Colossal in Waterproof.


Haul: Colourpop
Apart from my Barcelona haul, I’ve been naughty on my birthday and have ordered from Colourpop via Shipito and I will show you all I got soon, complete with swatches of course. So far I can say that yes the texture of their products is unique and yes, I am very happy with my order.



Other: Barcelona Trip
My Barcelona Trip was, obviously, one of my favourites. Sunshine, free time and some shopping… how could it not be a favourite?! I have posted a detailled recap of my trip here and shown you my hauled products here if you wanna read more.


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