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Hello everyone!

Today I wanna talk to you about my recent trip to Barcelona (with my mum). First things first: It was nice, it was warm, people were awesome and friendly. But, yes there is a but, it’s not exactly a city I’d long to return to. But it’s still worth a visit!


Thursday, June 11th 2015:
We arrived in Barcelona at around noon and had to wait for our luggage for what seemed to be forever (approx. 45 minutes) and because it was hot and humid, we were a little annoyed by this. But after some time, our luggage came and we were ready to hit the road. Searching a taxi (cab) was easy and oh boy do they have a lot of taxis in Barcelona! Our hotel room wasn’t ready, so we left them our luggage and went to search a sweet little place to eat lunch at. The place itself was pretty cute, the food was… well, average at best. But hey, whatever. We returned to the hotel and found our room to be a cute little things with everything we needed and it even had a little balcony! Yay! It was clean, it had to beds, a bathroom, a table and a tv and the balcony. We were pleasantly surprised.

We then decided to hit the road again and thought to go down La Rambla a little (so many people! and it was so loud with all the cars!) and were surprised when we actually made it down all the way to the ocean and the Columbus statue.


Somehow we thought La Rambla was longer ^^ we had a pause and a drink at one of the cafés at Mare Magnum and after feeling incredible tired returned to our hotelroom. Not bad for a first afternoon in Barcelona.


Bridge to Mare Magnum




Friday, June 12th 2015:
We had plans to do the Sagrada Familia that day and maybe go all the way up to Park Güell too, because we thought there were certainly lots more people coming for the Sagrada on saturdays and sundays… oh boy, we got tickets at around 11 am but they were only for 4 pm (the Sagrada) and 5 pm (the tower). Actually, that wasn’t so bad we decided and went for Park Güell which disappointed us at first, because we came in from the backside and there were lots of dead plants.


Way to Park Güell


Way to Park Güell

Advancing further into the park it became shadier and greener and much more beautiful. It was great walking through the park and having a break from the noisy city. The big bang came when we were on our way home because it was only then that we passed the main entrance and the whole spectacle: the buildings by Antoni Gaudi. I knew nothing about that man, but Barcelona is full of his designs and man he had one hell of an imagination! All his designs are really unique, like the Sagrada Familia.





Main entrance to Park Güell


Arriving at the Sagrada we had a great time, because the building really is excitingly different, beautiful and so rich in ornamentation. It was beautiful to look at and I’m sure it’s a pleasure to use this building as a church.


Sagrada Familia

The light falling through the mosaic windows is so pretty and I could have stood there as basqued in that light forever.





Clinbing up the tower (in an elevator) was pretty disappointing though… there wasn’t that much free space so you couldn’t really see much, but hey, tourist attraction and all. It was nice to have done it once 😉



Saturday, June 13th 2015:
We had planned to take on Montjuic that day and we did. Taking the Téléférico over they bay and up to the mountain was pretty, but we had to wait so long in line… first a line to buy the tickets (in the middle of it all the woman selling the tickets just closed and had a little nap or something oO), then we had to wait up in the station because they only have two cabins and they only fit approximately 15 people in there. But we’ve done it and it was rather pretty to see the city from a little higher up.




Once on the mountain and trying to find the right way up to the castle, unfortunately I got a little sick and we had to make a longer break so I could pull myself together. But once we arrived at the castle, I knew I found my favourite place. It was like in Rome all over again ^^ you know as I fell in love with Castel St. Angelo in Rome? This castle here was not as old, but still something I enjoyed a lot. There’s something about military history that seems to fascinate me beyond everything else… I wished I could once experience the feeling of being all alone up on the castle’s rooftop, on the lookout for enemies sailing up on the ocean. No idea why I’m fascinated but hey.






We then took the bus down to el Pobly Espanyol, a little village that had been raised for the world exhibition if I remember correctly. It is very cute and nowadays lots of craftsmen are settled there and have their little shops all set up. That was beautiful, but the entry was expensive for what it was! Well, they get the tourists everywhere… but seriously, the little village was cute and a nice place to be. We did buy a couple things and took lots of pictures ^^







More by accident we discovered how beautiful the National Museum of Catalunya is. The building had been built for the world exhibition too and they did a fantastic job! I took about a million pictures and if I lived in Barcelona, that would be my favourite place to hangout I guess. Awesome.








As we had some more time that evening, I hit Sephora and bought a little something, but I didn’t want to let my mum wait too long, so I did not look at everything.

Sunday, June 14th 2015:
Shopping time! At least that is what we had planned. Shopping at Mare Magnum where we both went our own way and I did a little bit of damage ^^ I’ll show you everything I got in a separate blog post. Then we had lunch (a very expensive lunch) at a restaurant situated in Mare Magnum before we hit the aquarium. I was excited for the aquarium because whilst I don’t want to have a fishtank at home (too boring!), I like watching colourful fish and they had sharks and penguins too! the entry costs € 20 and I gotta say for what it is, this is way too expensive. It is a nice aquarium with lots of different fish in various sizes, a walkthrough shark tank and a little space with penguins, but seriously, we were through in less than two hours! We’ve had lots of moments in Barcelona where we stated that the entry was way too expensive for what it is, but… oh well, you know, touristy stuff is always where they’ll try to get all your money. It was still a nice visit and I even took some pretty pictures (though it was a bit harder than expected).
For coming back to our hotel, we decided to walk up La Rambla and see if we found anything we hadn’t seen yet. It was nice and relaxed.



Monday, June 15th 2015:
More shopping! At least that is what we decided we’d do with our free time until we had to leave for the airport again. But I guess we were both pretty tired because we didn’t do many shops (but still managed to buy something) and the damage done wasn’t out of the ordinary proportions. Maybe I should’ve hit Sephora a second time and that would have changed quickly… ^^ but I decided against it and we ended up taking the aérobus way earlier than planned.
After checking in, eating lunch and going through security, we hit the airport shops but apart from a nice chat with the lady from the Jo Malone counter in duty free, I haven’t really done much. Squeezing in some more reading and then we were back on a plane to fly home.
No matter how short you are away, coming home is always a great feeling (especially since I did miss my bf a lot 😛 I’m not used to sleeping alone anymore ^^).

And now just some random pictures (sorry not sorry for the pic spam!):





Barcelona’s cathedral




the castle’s cat





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