Empties #6

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Welcome to a new Empties post!

And the last one hasn’t been ages ago! Yeeha. No, seriously, I think I’m getting better at this. And this means my blog and having a schedule 😀

But let’s just dive into my „trash“:





Yep, I got some things…. this might take a moment. Are you ready to get into the details?




1) GlissKur Total Repair Leave in Conditioner
I always have one of those in my bathroom and use it on my hair after showering to help detangle and nourish my hair. It works and smells nicely. Will always buy one of those.

2) Balea Repair & Pflege Shampoo
This was a good shampoo, but something was missing for me. I had better shampoo before but I also had worse. Could imagine repurchasing this, but for the moment I will not.

3) Balea Repair & Pflege Conditioner
Same goes for the conditioner of this range. It was okay, but didn’t do much for my hair. I might repurchase this, but will not do so right now.

4) Balea Ultra Power Hairspray
Tried something different in the hairspray departement. Nope, this wasn’t really good. It dri9ed out my hair and I didn’t like it. No repurchase.

5) GlissKur Ultimate Repair 1-Minute-Mask
From time to time I use those little single masks and this one was really nice. It left my hair feeling very silky, smooth and shiny. I will repurchase this at one point or another.


6) The Body Shop Body Butter in „Blueberry“
I like the nourishing effect on my skin, but feel like the body butters from The Body Shop leave an oily residue on my skin. And I got sick of the scent after quite some time. Even if I could, I wouldn’t repurchase this scent, but can imagine buying other scents for summer.

7) Balea Shower Gel in „White Passion“
This smelled divine! Oh it was so nice and it did what it should. My skin felt neither dry nor super soft after using this. But I do not expect amazing things from a shower gel, so… I’m not disappointed. I should rush to the store and repurchase it fast!

8) Balea Shower Sorbet in „Mango Vanilla“
This was a Limited Edition from way back… I think 2012? It was okay, but didn’t foam much and therefore you needed a big batch to wash your body. Even if I could, I wouldn’t repurchase this. But the scent was amazing!

9) Tetesept Foaming Bath in „Cleopatra’s Secret“
I buy this on a regular basis. I like it. The skin feels soft and smooth after a bath in this. I recommend trying this 😉

10) Handsan Winter Hand Cream
This is my boyfriend’s go to hand cream at the moment, but I use it a bit too. It is really good. Lightweight but it packs a good amount of moisture. If it comes out next winter again, we will be buying this for my bf ^^



11) alverde 2-in-1 Peeling Mask
This was Limited Edition and bought two of them. This was a nice little mask and had a good peeling effect too. If they brought it to the range permanently, I would probably buy this every now and again.

12) L’Oréal Hydra Active 3 Micellar Water
This used to be my staple product in its own category, but it got replaced by the Garnier Micellar Water. Still, it is a good product that I can recommend. Good for sensitive eyes and taking the eye and face make-up off.

13) Sensodyne Toothpaste Multicare
My staple toothpaste by now. My teeth got really sensitive and this is perfect for cleaning them. It is supposed to give a whitening effect too, but I didn’t notice much of that. But it cleans my teeth and does the job.

14) Dontodent Mouthwash
A sample size as I am not good with mouthwash, meaning I do not use it as regularly as I should. This was supposed to taste better but I wasn’t a big fan of it. I’ll stay with the super spicy-mint ones, thank you.

15) Tay Safflower Seed Night Cream with Jojoba
A full pot of this costs € 120! Holy Moly, that is expensive. I had this sample size in a box and couldn’t have been happier. This was a perfect night cream for the winter months as it hydrated and healed my skin perfectly over night. But it is freaking expensive, so I don’t think I will repurchase this… unless maybe if my skin got really bad.




16) Catrice Photo Finish Foundation in “ “ (probably Honey beige too)
An old foundation that just had to be thrown away. I used to like it quite a lot though the colour definitely was too dark when I swatched it now. Must have looked terrible 😀

17) Catrice Infinite Matte Foundation in „020 Honey Beige“
Same goes for this foundation… it was old, it had to go. I never used it anymore and like the Photo Finsih foundation it was too dark when I swatched it now. Well, the mistakes you make growing up ^^

18) Beliance Brush Cleanser
This was a good cleanser for in between washing my brushes. It did the job pretty good, but I am trying out alternatives at the momennt. Got one similar from Kiko in the testing and another one from ebelin. We’ll see what comes out as the winner.

19) Essence Hardening Basecoat 2x
My absolute favourite basecoat. It strengthens my nails and prevents coloured polishes from staining. Perfect. Will and have repurchased this at least 6 or 7 times already.

20) P2 Silk Ridgefiller
This was great as an additional topcoat when I had to smooth out some lines in my nails. No idea where those come from, but the ridgefiller worked perfectly. Have repurchased its successor in the line.

21) Glisten & Glow Hong Kong Girl Fast Dry Topcoat
My favourite topcoat though I have experienced that I love the Kensington Caviar Topcoat from Nails Inc and essie’s good to go a lot too. I’m not sure which will be the go to topcoat here, probably essie or HK Girl because of the price… and essie is easier to get a hold of… we’ll see. Still have some bottles of this one at home 😉

22) Rival de Loop Young Eyeshadow Base
The bomb! Seriously, this base is amazing and I will repurchase it again I guess once I’ve run out of the bases I still have at home. But this is affordable and amazing, so really hard to beat!

23) Catrice Allround Mascara
This was horrible. It crumbled pretty fast and I always made mistakes with it. I am no fan of this mascara and will definitely not repurchase this again.


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