Out of my comfort zone… shoe edition!

Veröffentlicht: 27. April 2015 in Fashion
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Oh boy, from time to time I fall into the trap. Media – be it the internet, magazines or tv and movies – they all get to me sometimes and I will realize how „un-girly“ I am. Not that this is bad, but sometimes I just wish I had the same style and elegance as some people I admire.

Especially FleurdeForce and AmeliaLiana. (I love watching their youtube videos!) They both have a very different style, but I admire both of them for it.
AmeliaLiana is very feminine and sexy, things that I’d like to be although I’m not brave enough to wear some of the outfits she wears!
Fleur is either very casual chic or just downright chic and elegant in her styling and I wish I could pull it off as effortlessly as she seems to be doing it. Oh boy, Fleur is so gorgeous! But enough of that.

So occasionaly I will fall into the trap and think I need to buy more feminine clothes or – as in this case – shoes. I do mostly wear flats and booties/boots.
Why? Because they are so damn comfortable! But they don’t usually look overly sexy or make you feel super pretty. That’s why I sometimes get drawn in to buy „just pretty shoes“.

Here are some of them:




These are so pretty! Some simple blush/nude heels are a staple I guess, so I couldn’t resist these. I definitely should be sporting them at work…





Those I’ve had for a couple years now and they are awesome because they aren’t that high. Those I really should be wearing at the office a lot more.





Kitten Heels! Those are amazing and so plain that they would go with pretty much every outfit in the world.





Alert, those are actually pretty high but they were so incredibly pretty… *sigh* I hope those slightly glamourous heels might be the perfect shoes to wear to my brother’s wedding next year… and maybe lots of other nice occasions because they are incredibly pretty and I think I can learn walking on them.





Some plain black strappy heels. Ah those are beautiful. Again, another pair of shoes I could be wearing at the office. Now I just have to do this.

Why do I show you these very pretty shoes? Because I hope that will make me more aware of how I would love to wear shoes like this more often. Pretty shoes don’t have to be super uncomfortable and once you’ve found the right heel height for you… they are pretty dang awesome to wear out and about!


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