Goodreads Reading Challenge – Update

Veröffentlicht: 18. April 2015 in Bücher
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Hi guys!

I can’t really remember how much I’ve talked to you about my goodreads challenge this year. Probably not much, but oh well.

Since I started working full-time I have had the hardest of times to read much at all. Not because I don’t like to read anymore, but because most nights I felt the need to do something that was easy on my head. And what is there better out there to do than watch series?

But I always put in the effort to read at least a couple books here and there. But still, the number of books I challenged myself to read dropped and dropped even further:


So this year I’m challenging myself to read two more books than last year, adding up to a total of 22 books. Really not much, but hey, I can’t be sure if I find the time to read much with work and phases of „I can’t concentrate on a book“.

And oh wow this year has blown me away so far! Book-wise I’ve been really busy, seeing as only about a third of the year has gone by… I’ve been holding back on the watching series part and read more books and yes, it’s been books worth the time. My status in the challenge to date:




Half of my challenge already! How on earth is that possible? Seriously, it amazes me. Okay, it hasn’t been real long books so far, but hey, every book counts! And an average page per book of 394 is not that low either, so I’d say I’m good on that front.

An average rating of 3.92 is pretty good too and I liked all the books I’ve read so far… hope this streak continues because ain’t nobody got time for boring books!




But enough of me now. How is your challenge going?



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