Project Samples: Take 1

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Hello everyone!

I’ve recently (okay, around christmas!) realized (together with Bookbeauty) that I have way too many samples, even a lot of fancy ones, and rarely ever use them. So we both decided that it is time to hit the samples and dig into that stash.

I will not put all of those used samples into my empties post (really more those travel sizes) and so I thought I’d give these products their own category. Plus I will show the samples I use on instagram, so if you want to follow feel free – click!


ProjectSamples Day 1

Day 1:

– Jack Black Face Buff (Energizing Scrub)
I really liked the consistency and the scent even though it was very fresh and slightly „manly“. It scrubbed all the bad things away and left my skin feel very even and smooth. Loved it.

– Luvos Vital Maske (Cell Repair Face Mask)
Great mask with some clay and quince. It smelled really good, slightly fruity and felt good on the skin. My skin looked quite brightened up after using this. I might repurchase this once I am through my current stash of 2-use-facemasks (I have quite a lot of those!).

– Philosophy Time in a bottle (Daily Age-Defying Serum)
Though I don’t think I really need those anti-age-products yet, this serum felt really moisturizing and my skin loved it. It literally drank the serum up aka it sunk in very quickly. This felt great and made me think I might need a serum to work with on an everyday basis.




Day 2:

– Luvos Vital Maske (Cell Repair Face Mask) see Day 1

– Clinique Even Better Make Up SPF 15 in „05 Neutral (MF)“
This foundation feels really good on the skin, lightly moisturizing. It it easy to buff and blend into the skin and does not look cakey, even after applying powder on top. It stays put for hours and holds very well about 8 – 10 hours. I was pretty impressed. The colour didn’t fit me perfectly, but it was okay. I might try to get matched at a Clinique counter in the near future and see how I like it when I wear a colour that matches me.

– Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip & Cheek Creamy Oil in „Limitless Pink“
I loved the application as a blush! It was easy to buff onto the cheeks and was so light in pigmentation that you couldn’t apply too much. You can layer on until you reach the intensity you like. It felt great on the cheeks and didn’t budge for a good couple hours, but it fades evenly throughout the day.
Application on the lips was… well, okay, but nothing great. The colour payoff is very light, so it is as if you were using a tinted lip balm. If that is what you want it looks pretty nice and feels good on the lips, lightly moisturizing. I, however, prefer applying this to my cheeks.


Sorry I have no picture of the following item:

– DIOR Star Foundation
This foundation feels really good on my skin. I like how it blends into the skin. Unfortunately the colour is way too dark for me and even with a white powder… still too dark. I use this on weekends where I do not care too much if my neck looks ridiculously white against my face ^^ The feel is great, colour payoff is pretty good and it wears around 8 hours before it starts fading. But it felt even better than the Clinique foundation and I might just try to get colour-matched on a counter in the future… just to see if there is a colour that suits me.




Day 3:

– Rodial Super Acids (x-treme acid rush peel)
This „peeling“ works pretty well for something based on enzymes. I am normally not a big fan of enzym-based peelings, but this one felt really good. My skin looked really red though (nothing too much out of the ordinary), even if I did not feel any itching or unease whatsoever. My skin was nicely exfoliated afterwards. I cannot say anything on after just 1 try:

  • Significant brightening effect after 30 days
  • Prevents and corrects sun damage
  • Corrects and evens out skin tone
  • Brightens and increases radiance

If it weren’t so damn pricey I might actually try a whole pot of that stuff, but with a price tag that high… no chance.

– Aliqua Naturkosmetik (Feuchtigkeitsmaske = Hydrating Mask)
This hydrating mask by a natural cosmetics brand that I got as a gift from Bookbeauty 🙂 I love trying those little masks and this one felt really nice. Application is easy and it leaves the skin feeling soft and nicely hydrated. Good job. I liked this mask and can imagine repurchasing it (if I find it somewhere ^^).

– Rodial Stemcell (super-food facial oil)
I have never really used facial oils before but this felt really nice. My skin looked plump and really moisturized, so I suppose this oil did what it is supposed to do. But again, Rodial is so damn pricey that I will probably not purchase this in full size anytime soon. But I could imagine using it. Really, it felt that nice on the skin.



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