Re-discovered: Eyeshadow-love!

Veröffentlicht: 20. Januar 2015 in Beauty
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Hello everyone!

I have shown you in my Rome Haul that I bought an eyesahdow palette from Too Faced. A very pretty palette by the way (I loooove it).

Only a couple months earlier I would’ve told you it is a pure „it’s pretty, I want it“ impulsed buy, but since I’ve gotten my Naked 1 palette (that my big brother kindly hauled for me in the States before Urban Decay became available in Germany!), I have kind of rediscovered my love for eyeshadows and am actually working with them again on a daily basis.

For quite some time my everyday make-up routine included only foundation, concealer, blush, mascara and a lipstick or gloss. But ever since I’ve gotten that dream of a natural palette… I’ve been loving and trying to work on my eye make-up skills.

Today I want to show you what I am working and fueling the ’newly‘ found addicion with:







The Naked 1 palette, though you might all know this one already by heart, started it all. Since what seems like forever I’ve been wanting it. And since my brother asked what he could bring me back from the States… I could think of only one thing that was specifically enough for him to find without knowing anything of make-up: Go into a Sephora (they are everywhere!) and ask for a Naked palette. One of the three will do.
And yeah he got it 😉




Urban Decay „Naked „: Do I need to say much about this palette? You have probably seen it everywhere and have heard many people rave about the shadows. I can only repeat the praise because these shadows are beautifully pigmented, they work really well with practically everyone and hold for a long time even without an eyeshadow base.
A beautiful collection of neutral colours from light to dark, mattes and shimmer, with only „Sidecar“ being glittery. I love the colours and I get a lot of wear out of:




Too Faced „Boudoir Eyes“: The impulse buy in Rome… oh this palette is dinky, pretty and just wonderful for rather neutral eye make-ups. I’m loving the buttery texture that is very easy to blend. The colour payoff is good and with a good eyeshadow base you can even make the subtle colours stand out. I would absolutely buy another Too Faced palette if I found amazing colours that I feel like I need.




MakeUp Geek „Vegas Lights“: Fall in a palette! No, seriously, this is the perfect fall palette with ist golden and orangey/red colours. A nice dark brown is in there as well and those shadows are pretty much perfect. They hold for hours, are easy to blend out, have an amazing colour payoff and are just really smooth. I am in love.




MakeUp Revolution „Death by Chocolate“: If I hadn’t taken the risk of falling into a marketing trap here (you know with all the rave reviews haunting the community), I would have told you that a palette as cheap (with so many shadows!) can be good quality, but oh my it is. The shadows are pretty pigmented, smooth as can be and are easy to blend as well. This is the palette that has gotten much much love in the last two months and I am not even through all the combinations… I will definitely be tempted to buy more palettes from MakeUp Revolution.




MakeUp Revolution „Sin“: But I will chose wisely! This palette was a freebie and I would’ve never bought it otherwise, because the colours didn’t appeal much to me. (Some exceptions are in there, but yeah, most of it isn’t to my liking) And I feel like these shadows are on a whole different level than the last palette. Colour payoff is mixed in this palette, the texture is less smooth and less easy to blend. I am a bit underwhelmed after the Death by Chocolate palette to be honest. I might just give this palette away. Anyone wants to try their luck with it?


So, those are my badass palettes – would you be interested in seeing some of my quads? I’ve recently added two that I absolutely adore by now… so that might be interesting for you. Let me know in the comments! 🙂


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