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Song/Music: Vlogmas jingles from Elle Fowler and Ingrid Nilsen

I freaking loved December because of all the youtube-vids coming up everywhere. Vlogmas from some of my fav youtubers, but also the attempt of making more vids than usual from all the others too. I watched more youtube than ever and less series and tv. The jingles from Elle and Ingrid especially stuck to me. I kept singing them in my head… over and over again. But I also loved the jingle from Fleur’s vlogmas, only there were no lyrics for me to sing 😉


„Pinecone may look just like snow, but he can’t hear the hohoho…“


Book: Night Shift Anthology
Anthology’s can be a hit or miss, but I really liked this one. Especially because of the shortstories from Nalini Singh (Bastien and Ivy are so cute!) and Ilona Andrews (Dali and Jim are so freaking amazing!), but that was the point of me buying this book in the first place 😉
The other two shortstorieswere my hit and miss on this anthology. I really liked and fell into the story from Lisa Shearin (I might be checking out what else she wrote soon I guess) very quickly. Nice, a bit of humour and characters that could be getting really interesting.
The story from Milla Vane however was a bit too slow paced for my liking and I felt the writing style a bit bumpy. Oh well, you cannot always love everything.

Movie: The Hobbit – The Battle of the Five Armies
I loved it. And I was pretty surprised by that fact. Lots of critics were saying it’s only battle and that is a big reason for this film to suck, but I didn’t find it bad at all. Okay, it was not as perfect as the first movie (but seriously, to me that is always a hard thing to make the following parts as good as the first!), but I thought it was way better than the second installment.
Not only was there quite some time without fighting and battles, but there was also a great deal of character decisions to be shown. It is not easy to go againbst your friends and do something that will make them hate you and STILL do what upsets them. I love my Bilbo 🙂 and I loved to hate Lee Pace as Thranduil. Yeah I know lots of you will now call me ridiculously stupid, but I do not like Thranduil nor have I ever liked him. And that deer he was riding on? Nice idea Peter Jackson, but sorry, to me it looked utterly ridiculous. Amazing animals, but with a rider on their back? Naaaah not for me.

So I really enjoyed this movie and will definitely be watching it again sometime.


Series: Arrow Mid-Season Finale, The Originals
This way I’ll start the other way round: The Originals is a nice show that I do enjoy watching, but it does not leave me with this „I need to watch another epiosde immediately“-feeling. Sorry CW. I am currently rooting for Klaus and yes I know that is kinda weird, but I like him. Elijah is kinda cool too (especially as I had the pleasure to meet Daniel Gillies on a past Ring*Con), but somehow I find him rather boring. Well, that’s how life goes.

ARROW! I wanna kill the network for that mid-season finale. KILL THEM! Seriously, you cannot break my heart with a cliffhanger like that. No, I will not spoiler here, but I was seriously upset about that break. And I wanted (and will always want!) more Felicity! I do not care that much about Thea anymore, I only want my Felicity (and of course some more shirtless Oliver Queen 😉 ).
Make-Up/Beauty: MakeUp Revolution I ❤ MakeUp Death by Chocolate Palette
I have not shown you this yet but I will. It is so freaking cute and the colour payoff is so good, I am in love with this eyeshadow palette! You will just have to take my word for now as I have no real pictures for you (yet!), but why not head over to the website and have a look? Oh and apparently by now they are being sold in a German shop too: Kosmetik4Less


Haul: christmas gifts here and there
This year I mostly bought of the internet due to lack of free time before the holidays and due to „Hell I don’t wanna go into town“-mood right before christmas – well, just mainly around the end of november and all of december. All I wanted when going to town was Starbucks coffea 😀


Other: first christmas in our own home
Yes, it’s been a little bumpy as we were late with all the christmas decorations and lights and putting up the tree, but you know what? It didn’t matter because once we had the stuff up… it was pretty festive in our appartement. Love it (it is still up!). You can see most of my christmas decorations in this post.


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