Empties #4

Veröffentlicht: 12. Dezember 2014 in Empties

Hello peeps!

Finally I am coming around to do another one of those empty posts… The last one was in July! Yep, it’s been awhile and I have accumulated a lot of trash. It needs to go now, because it has already been gathering dust. Not good. I will try to do an empty post every two months, but we will see if I can make that work. And beware, I really do have lots of trash to show you today 😀 I was a bit overwhelmed and I’m sure I didn’t keep everything 😀




1) Balea Moisturizing Shampoo
The scent is weird in the shower… and the effect is well, pretty much non-existant. Not gonna repurchase this.

2) Balea Moisturizing Conditioner
The scent is weird in the shower… and the effect is well, pretty much non-existant. Not gonna repurchase this.

3) John  Frieda Volume Shampoo
This was okay, but I’m not gonna repurchase this for the price.

4) Balea Volume Conditioner
This conditioner was okay. Might repurchase this one day.

5) Palmolive „Mediterrean Moments“ Showergel 2x
I love the scent! Beautiful mix of strawberries and apricot. Might repurchase this one day (when all the other shower gels are done).

6) Rituals Sunrise Scrub
Awesome scent and the effect is nice. I like how this is not a really raw scrub, but very effective. I might repurchase this.

7) Original Source Vanilla & Raspberry Showergel
This smelled delicious, but I got tired of the scent pretty quickly. Not gonna repurchase this shower gel.




8) L’Oréal Hydra Active 3 Nutrissime Moisturizing Cream
I loved this cream. Once I’m through all the others I have in the cupboard (thanks to beauty boxes ^^) this will be repurchased.

9) Synergen Peeling (for your face)
I did not notice much of a peeling effect on me so I’m not gonna repurchase this one.

10) Garnier Fruit Energy Face Peeling
One of my two favourite face peelings, repurchased already.

11) La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo+ Cream
I’ve got a second tube of this in my bath too. Like it a lot.

12) L’Oréal Hydra Active 3 Micellar Water
Staple to take my make-up off. I will probably repurchase this forever.

13) Clarins Cream (sample size)
I really like Clarins creams, this one was no different. If it wasn’t for the rather high price I’d be repurchasing this.

14) Sensodyne ProSchmelz Toothpaste
This showed me that I need to be more careful when purchasing tooth paste. I’ve got rather sensitive teeth and they need some extra protection.

15) Odol-Med3 Extra White Tooth Paste
This was my go-to toothpaste for years. I now stopped purchasing this but might go back to it one day.



16) Balea Repair Conditioner (sample size)
This conditioner left my hair smooth and in good condition. I might buy the full size.

17) Syoss Shampoo (sample size)
I liked the scent and the washing was good. I can imagine buying this full size.

18) Balea Shaving Gel
Staple product. I prefer them with a nice scent, but this sensitive version is pretty good too.

19) Balea Trend it Up „Lovely Berries“ Dry Shampoo
I loathe the scent! Thank god this was a limited edition. I will never ever repurchase this one. The scent made me wanna puke.

20) Balea Dry Shampoo
The normal version. It does it’s job, but leaves a white residue and makes my head a bit itchy.

21) Alverde Conditioner (sample size)
This was a complete fail. It did nothing for my hair and was a thick paste that was barely spreadable. Thank god this was only a sample size.

22) Batiste Dry Shampoo „Tropical“ (sample size)
I like Batiste Dry Shampoo. The scent was pretty nice too. Might be repurchasing this in full size.

23) L’Oréal Studio Secrets Primer
This was a great primer. Had it for ages and only finished it now because I went for using primer every day. I’m not sure if they still do this one… but am now pretty happy with the Maybelline Baby Skin Primer.

24) Rexona Deodorant
This has been my go-to deodorant for years. Changed brand and scent for now. But it was always a good deodorant.



25) Essence Hand Cream
I do like their hand creams and this is my favourite scent from the standard range!

26) Essence „Ice Ice Baby“ Hand Cream
This was a great, slightly more hydrating cream. Loved this but it was part of a limited Edition last winter, so no repurchase.

27) Balea Man Hand Cream
This was awful. It did a good job at hydrating but the scent was pretty mean, even for my boyfriend (for whom I did buy this in the first place). Well, definitely no repurchase on this one.

28) The Body Shop Vanilla Hand Cream
I liked the hydration of this cream, but the scent was too sweet for everyday use. I would not repurchase this.

29) Essence „Superheroes“ Gel Nail Polish Remover
I hated this product. I have no idea why they put glitter in it. It did it’s job but I really didn’t like how much I had to use.

30) Ebelin Express Nail Polish Remover
I quite like this one and will be repurchasing this sometime.

31) Constance Caroll Nail Polish Remover
That could have been my holy grail! Only downside is that I cannot find a place to buy this! If you know where I could get ahold of this product, let me know.! Loved it.


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