November 2014 – Favourites

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It’s time for my monthly favourites!!! 🙂


Song/Music: „Let it go“ by Idina Menzel and „Trouble“ by The Life of Riley
Yeah, I’m extremely late to the party, I know. But this song is incredibly powerful and motivating. I am so in love with it, it is stuck in my head since about two weeks. Incredibly.


Trouble is one of those songs that just captures me and makes me wanna dance and laugh. I have been loving (and falling hard) for The Life of Riley since Ring*Con. They played an amazing concert, have great songs and are so down to earth and welcoming and warm-hearted towards their fans… I just love it.


Book: Archangel’s Shadows by Nalini Singh
You know I cannot withstand any Nalini Singh book… and it wasn’t any different with this one. I already loved Ashwini the moment she first appeared in the Guild Hunter Series. Crazy character that seems to be very funny? Hell yeah, I like that. And Janvier… oh that man has a certain charme and appeal to me. It might be because of all the thrown in French seeing as he is a Cajun. Love that.


Movie: Frozen
Yes it took me this long to actually watch the movie. Why? I don’t really know. It was brilliant! I still have the songs (namely „Let it go“ and „Do you want to build a snowman?“) stuck in my head and I loved every minute of this movie. It changed from the whole Disney princess finds a prince and they live happily ever after, even though that did happen in this movie too. No, the main lesson of this movie is not that there is someone for everyone, but that all you need is someone to believe in you when you can’t. That there is so much you can achieve with love and a good heart. Yeah, I’m blown away and I like it.


Series: True Blood Season 7, Doctor Who Finale, Arrow Season 3 and The Originals
I have now officially seen the whole series called True Blood 😉 and it was good. This was never one of the shows that wow’d me infinitely, but it was a good show that was interesting to watch. And I loved Riley’s character Keith. (Riley Smith whom I met at Ring*Con. Great guy.)


Oh the Doctor Who finale. All in all I have to say I did not like the season. It is no secret I am not the biggest fan of Clara, but this version of the Doctor? Jeez, no. A friend of mine described it very well: this is not the Doctor anymore. She is right, this is so unlike the former Doctors that it just doesn’t feel right. I do not like what Moffat has done over time.


I have finally made the time to start watching Arrow Season 3 and as expected I am loving it. My favourite character (since somewhere in Season 2) is Felicity. She is just so awesome! And then comes Oliver, but seriously Felicity is way ahead of him 😉 and I also like Thea though she is now lying to everyone (something she hated when everyone else did it!)… I’m gonna keep up to date from now on.


New series for me: The Originals. I now started watching it (after what seems like forever!) and, unsurprisingly, I do like it a lot. I’ve always been quite fond of Elijah, but I have started to love Klaus too 😀 weird I know, but that’s how it is. After all, he is just lonely 😀 I will watch as far as I can and hope it won’t get as boring as TVD (though I want to watch Season 5 of TVD too, to make it all complete ^^).

Make-Up/Beauty: Maybelline Super Stay 24hr powder and BabySkin Primer
The Babyskin Primer now is my favourite and even though it’s not really cheap, I will be repurchasing it because it feels good on the skin (moisturizing whilst keeping the shine at bay!) and does ist job pretty well. Like it a lot.


I’ve been wearing the powder instead of foundation a lot this month, not only because it is faster and fuss-free to apply, but also because I found out that my skin produces way less oil and shine this way. Might be the way to go for me on normal skin days.


Haul: Primark
I’ve been taking advantage of the last couple days (where I did not have to work, hooray for taking days off!) and went to Primark. It was great because I was there on a) a weekday and b) early in the day. Lazily browsing is a great thing and I did buy less than expected but more than I would have somewhere else. At least when you look at the bill… well, whatever, I seem to be buying the „better quality“ stuff from Primark and that is a tad bit more expensive than teh rest, but I’ve made good experience with these things in the past. If you are interested I could show you the clothes I got…



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