Wishlist #1

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Hi y’all!

I bet you know this scenario: boxes of make-up, at least 10 different shades of blush and lipstick, a gazillion eyeshadows that you will never be able to finish in your lifetime, a couple different foundations (even though you only need one! okay, maybe two…) and tons of concealers, powders and bronzers.

Yes, you are a make-up addict. And still… there is something you’re craving.

Don’t worry, there are a million people out there that have the same problem. And I am one of them.

Today I want to show you my wishlist. Be it Make-Up or Non Make-Up products (because yes, I do have other things I am craving too!).

1) Estée Lauder Pure Color Envy Sculpting Lipstick in „Dynamic“
Swatched it, amazing everyday colour, love the formula, want it. I will buy this one, I just don’t know when because I have way too many lipsticks and have to declutter before I can buy any new lipstick :/ I hate decluttering, I am bad at throwing stuff away. Bad habit, I know.

2) a pretty Laptop case, 15 inches
I have found three producers/sellers that seem to have very pretty cases! Look at those beauties:

51+UiCi6B9L__SY355_ 51F9jAQ83wL__SY355_ 51oJn-07iWL__SX466_ 51Owp85vtVL__SY355_

3) new wallet (again: a pretty one please!)

4) NARS Audacious Lipstick
I am not yet sure about the colour I want, but oh the rave I’ve heard/read about the formula and they look SO appealing. I am a little lipstick junkie so I would love to have one of those… but for now I’ll be a good girl and use what I have.

But I am extremely tempted. I mean, they have a lipstick called Natalie (my name is written slightly different, but hey!)… though I’m not yet sure it is my colour 😉

5) Charlotte Tilbury Lipstick and Lip Lacquer from the Supermodel Look
I’ve seen the first swatches about a month ago I think and fell in love with it immediately. I want! But again, it’s lipstick :/ and I have way too many lipsticks at home. And this one is Limited Edition I think? oO My little heart is crying…

that’s a swatch of the lipstick


6) a kitten
Yeah this won’t come true as long as I live in the same house as my parents (even though I have my own appartement with my bf). My father is strictly against pets and as he is the landlord… but one day I will have a cutie cat and love it to pieces.



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