Reduce the stash: Lipsticks

Veröffentlicht: 10. November 2014 in Beauty, Challenges
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I have been talking about it all the time: I have way too many lipsticks. It is time for me to try and reduce the stash of over fucking 50 lipsticks (gosh, that is just batshit crazy, isn’t it?! So you will see a goodbye-post soon!).
As I like to hoard and collect, I will not name a number to which I will be sticking to because most likely I’ll never be able to keep to it. Bad form of hoarding, I know.

But I want to reduce my stash drastically. Some of the colours are not suiting me, so I will be throwing them out there on the market soon. Either gifting them away (lipsticks are so easily disinfected 🙂 ) or maybe putting them on a site like Kleiderkreisel… we’ll see.

But what I want to do is use lipsticks that are either getting old (but not yet bad!) or already close to being finished off. I’ve been rummaging through my stash and identified those 4 lipsticks I can probably finish off in the next couple months and the 4 lipsticks I want to wear more:




How will I try to accomplish my goal of finishing these off? I have put them in a little acrylic compartment that is standing on my desk so I see them every day. One or two will always be in my bag and I will try to only use them for everyday make-up. (Of course I will be using all my other precious treasures for special occasions – should they arise)

Here are the lipsticks that have to be finished off:

1) p2 Meet Me At 12:30 Unforgettable Lipstick in „020 Glamourous Nude“

2) Catrice Urban Baroque in „C03 Victoria“

3) Agnes B – b. perfect in „Rose fresque“

4) Manhattan The Lookstick Pure Gloss in „241“




And the lipsticks I want to use more:

1) Maybelline Moisture Extreme in „725 Brun Tendre/Baby Brown“

2) Revlon Colourburst Lip Butter in „025 Peach Parfait“

3) Seventeen Supreme Shine Lipstick in „Barely Blush“

4) No°7 Moisture Drench in „Winter Berry“ (SPF 15)




Do you try to reduce your stash at the moment (or are you a good girl that is working on that constantly) ???
Let me know in the comments 😉


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