Ring*Con 2014 – Recap and Ramblings

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Hello readers!

Last year I did not do a recap of my Ring*Con weekend and I am terribly sorry. I had lots of things to talk about, but I just couldn’t get past the con-blues and once I was, I figured it was way too late. So this year I am trying to get past the blues and write a bit about my weekend at Ring*Con 2014…


As always, the weekend has been amazing. I love this convention for so many reasons and the most important one is that I meet a lot of people I really only meet once a year. People I love and people I miss all year round because they are either very positive, very funny or just overall awesome personalities.

I have been sharing an appartement at Bonnox with two lovely ladies this year and it was a good constellation. It saved us a lot of money compared to staying at the Maritim Hotel where the convention is held. Saving money AND having a great room is awesome. And it leaves more money to spend on convention grounds…

Autographs are not for me, really, I think I don’t have much from a few letters on either a piece of paper or a picture I didn’t take…  (this is different when we talk about authors who can sign their books!). But what I truly enjoy and love doing at Ring*Con is going to the photo sessions with the stars. Expensive thing that is usually, but I understand why it costs money and enjoy my pictures and this short amout of time I get close to the „star“.

Last minute cancellations are unfortunately always happening, so the stars that actually attended were:

Riley Smith (True Blood), Nathaniel Buzolic (Vampire Diaries & The Originals), Lori Dungey, Manu Bennett (The Hobbit, Spartacus, Arrow etc.), Kristian Nairn (Hodor from Game of Thrones), Finn Jones (Game of Thrones), Gemma Whelan (Game of Thrones), James Cosmo (Narnia, Game of Thrones etc.), Craig Parker (Lord of the Rings, Legend of the Seeker, Spartacus etc.), Sebastian Roché (Supernatural, Vampire Diaries etc.), Tom Hopper (Merlin, Northmen – A Viking Saga), Ken Duken & Anatole Taubman (Northmen – A Viking Saga), Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones), Luke Barnes (Game of Thrones)

Some people I knew I was excited to meet, others made me excited by being awesome on stage and making this weekend very funny, very lovely and special.

For example I knew I was excited for James Cosmo who has been in so many great movies and he was humble, loved to be there and was just overall a lovely grandpa-kinda man to all of us.

Then I was excited to meet Sebastian Roché, because I love his acting especially in Supernatural and he was the born entertainer on stage (Shut up Sebastian!), sang and acted for us during his panels and was obviously feeling the special con-energy.

Who I was also looking forward to having at Ring*Con was Manu Bennett. And boy did this man blow me (and many others I guess) away! He has so much respect for every human being and probably every living thing, his spirituality and love for life itself is infectious. Great man.

Those who surprised me whilst they were on stage and just their overall appearance at Ring*Con were most certainly Riley Smith and Nathaniel Buzolic. Obviously, both are handsome men, but that wasn’t what impressed me (I enjoy a handsome face as much as the next person, but I value other things more!).
Both were humble, funny, chatty and definitely enjoying themselves at Ring*Con. They told us stories about their acting experiences, life experiences and many other things.

Nathaniel was just so funny (Hello, my name is Olaf and I love warm hugs … You should apologize for your accent), but he was always willing to show his nicest smile, give a good hug or try to make Sebastian shut up during their panel together. After all, answering questions is what you do in a Q&A, Sebastian. So thank you a lot, Nathaniel! And yes, you do have beautiful eyes, in fact, I think they are more beautiful than Ian Somerhalders‘. Or Prince Charmings‘.

Riley was just as wonderful with his smiley attitude, his stories and chattiness and OMG his music! He brought his band along and playes a concert for us on saturday and I loved the music. His best idea: singing „I see fire“ by Ed Sheeran with us. Bestest idea to win the hearts of all Ring*Con fans, my friend. (And I might be going to his bands‘ concert in Frankfurt – please let it be on a friday or saturday!)

You can see, I had a lovely weekend from which I bro0ught home lots of memories. Highlights were most definitely:
1) getting and giving a hug to Manu,
2) chatting with Riley about his music,
3) singing „Get Lucky“ and „Eye of the tiger“ with Sebastian,
4) meeting Nathaniel who I will be following more closely from now on,
5) singing with Manu while he plays the piano too,
6) being called Marilyn by Tommy Krappweis,
7) singing „I see fire“ with my roommates, Riley Smith & everyone else at the concert and of course
8) performing a Haka with Manu.

This is always one of the best weekend of the year and I’ve already bought my ticket for next year.

Bring it on, Ring*Con 2015!



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