Estée Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick Set (Travel Exclusive)

Veröffentlicht: 23. September 2014 in Beauty
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I have been a bit obsessed with Estée Lauder lipsticks since I have bought my „Rebellious Rose“ a couple of months ago and when I read the first snippets about their Pure Color Crystal lipsticks, I knew I had to have one. Think the formula of the Pure Color Envy lipsticks but in sheer!

Me, personally, I love a great sheer lipstick because I am still no fan of the bold lip (on me, it looks great on others!). Trying to come out of my comfort zone and wearing a bold lip every now and then does not change what I like most: the sheer lipcolours.

Travel Exclusive



So, let’s get to the point. I wanted them but hadn’t thought of them in a while when I entered the Duty Free Section at Roma Fiumicino (let’s ignore that there is no Duty Free within the EU so I didn’t really get an advantage here). I browsed the selection as I had time to kill and stumbled across this beautiful set:






Oh I was intrigued! There was a Pure Color Envy lipstick set too, but those weren’t really my colours (too bold!). Thinking back and forth went on for about 20 minutes before I finally decided to bring those babies home. And who could judge me? € 62 for three full-sized lipsticks from Estée Lauder, hello? That is about €20 per lipstick which is way less than the original €28! Yeah, I feel like I have struck a bargain here.


And look at those colours:




I was prepared for a sheer lipstick that wouldn’t be as great as the Pure Color Envy formula, but oh I was wrong. Whilst you cannot sit through a meal with those and expect to still have some colour on your lips afterwards (as is very well possible with the Pure Color Envy range, depending on what exactly you eat), the Crystals withstood drinking and lasted for a good 3 hours. Yeah, talk about an amazing sheer lipstick!


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