My Precious…. new in: Rome Haul

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Here is what you all have been waiting for… Yes, I know you have. Come on, anyone wants to see? I know Bookbeauty wants to… 😉 So here is my Rome Haul:




Oh all those beautiful things I found at Sephora… I cannot tell you how excited I was in there 😀 I think probably EVERY staff member in both Sephora stores I went to got a piece of me. I was bouncing around the counters, swatching my way through ten thousand lipsticks, glosses and eyeshadows! My arms looked a bit ridiculous, but they never got tired of giving me cotton pads and make-up remover. Very nice people you got there, Sephora!

First up is one thing I was looking to buy for a long time now… the NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer in Vanilla. One of the light shades and so perfect. I wish this concealer would be so much cheaper and widely available, but I am really happy I finally got it. The consistency is rather thick, but lucky for me (as it is not cheap) a little seems to go a long way. I’m really happy and excited about this addition to my stash.


I’ve been looking at the Too Faced eyeshadow palettes online for quite some time and never really could decide which one I liked best, but being able to swatch a few and look at those colours very closely… I was able to decide and I picked up the Boudoir Eyes eyeshadow palette. Beautiful colors, very pigmented and crazy blendable. Love it.





What a beauty! I am loving my eyeshadows lately and boy I do get a bit over the top sometimes for work and then have to blend and tone it down again 😀 Crazy times.

Whilst I was there, I took the opportunity and got color matched. Impressive thing that machinery oO really I was totally blown away. Pretty awesome stuff there, if you’re searching for foundation and the right colour for you… you need to try that.
Well, as I got introduced to a new liquid foundation I could possibly be buying in the not so distant future (haven’t fully decided yet), I was shown a great powder too. The Sephora 8HR wear mattifying compact foundation in Light (10). The colour payoff on this colour is so light that this really is just a mattifying powder, but it held so well and looked pretty natural, I just love my setting/mattifying powders.




And as I was really impressed by the Sephora brand allover, I went in and got the Long Lasting Brow Pencil. I just really like my brow pencils (now that I finally do something to my brows) and I wasn’t fully ready to pay for the Gimme Brow from Benefit (although I was able to try it and it made me wanna have it *sigh*).  This one will not be opened til my current pencil is done which really shouldn’t take that long and then I will see if this is better or the same.

You might know that I love my Chubby Stick, my Astor Colorsensational Lip Butters and well… let’s just say I love glossy lipsticks and those in pencil form especially. Well, enter the Sephora Glossy Lip Pencil in Glossy Raspberry (02). Beautiful sheer colour payoff and amazing how glossy this makes your lips! I really like it.






Have I ever mentioned that I love my cleansing waters to take off my make-up? Well, no wonder I picked up the Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water in the travel size then. I haven’t tried this yet, but will probably put this to the test at Ring*Con in October. Fast cleansing after the con parties is a must and I hope this will make it very easy for me.

And could I withstand the temptation of picking up a Formula X nail polish? Of course not. I’ve been standing in front of the display for what seems to have been hours and most staff members came by and told me what their favourite colours were but that didn’t really help me. The cremes looked pretty, but I wanted something special I wouldn’t be able to find from another brand and I decided on… Formula X Effect Nail Colour in Fine Like Einstein. It’s pretty much a glitter bomb and I cannot wait to wear this! Probably my New Year’s Eve colour 😉

Not from Sephora but actually from the Duty Free at Rome Fiumicino… the Estée Lauder Pure Color Crystal Lipstick Set. Oh I love my Pure Color Envy Lipstick and have been looking for swatches and reviews of the Color Crystal ones, but those are rare out there. I am a fan of sheer lip colours and couldn’t resist when I found this set. Little beauty at € 62 (basically that is around € 20 per shade as opposed to the normal retail price of € 28!). I think I made a pretty good deal as I love two of the shades already like no other: Crystal Coral and Crystal Baby. The last one, Crystal Bronze, is pretty too, but not exactly my colour. Maybe I’ll grow into that one though… you never really know.






I bought a couple clothing items too, but nothing really special. Two dresses, a skirt, some socks (love pretty socks!) and a shirt.

So, anything in here that you would have picked up too? Do you know any of these products?


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