August 2014 – Favourites

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Book: Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater
Oh yeah I did finally start reading this book and I loved it! The feels oh the feels. This book is much different than all the others I have read recently, mostly because of the writing style and the atmosphere that this creates. It is a beautiful read that I will review for you guys soon. [Post coming soon]


Movie: Saphirblau (Saphire Blue)
I’ve talked about that movie earlier on the blog and stated that I am anticipating it. I love the book trilogy by Kerstin Gier and loved the first movie even though they had to change a good amount of things from the books.
Maria Ehrich as Gwendolyn and Jannis Niewöhner as Gideon are really perfect in their roles and I couldn’t have asked for a more fitting cast.
I didn’t love the second installment (sadly!) and even went to a little event where I got to meet the director and the actors. The event was kinda cool, the movie wasn’t so much because it felt… chaotic. Downright chaotic and puzzling. I read the book and had moments of „Wait… what?“. Very sad about this. But I still hope they do the third movie.
Series: Bones Season 1 – 3
I borrowed Bones season 1 & 2 from Nell and made it a nice thing to finally watch all the Bones episodes. I used to watch it on tv, but I occasionally missed an episode or two, so now I wanna watch everything. Well, at least until the moment it got boring 😉 we will see how far I get this time…


Make-Up/Beauty: Clinique Super City Block Oil Free Daily Face Protector SPF 40
This lightly tinted SPF is awesome! I’ve had this sitting at home quite some time, untried because the weather in Germany hasn’t been calling for something like this… and was so happy to be able to try/test this on my trip to Rome. It is a beautiful product that protected my face from any sunburns (I burn so easily) and made the use of foundation unnecessary. Really, this paired with a powder was mostly all the make-up I wore. It is just a great, awesome prodct.
Haul: Sephora-Haul!!!
Whilst in Rome, I have been in Sephora for the first time in my life and I was overwhelmed. Not only by the brands that I have been longing to explore, but also by the staff members of Sephora. It seemed like everyone wanted to do some make-up on me or at least recommend something… a detailed haul will follow in the next couple days. [Post coming soon]


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