9 Day Travelling Challenge – Day 9

Veröffentlicht: 30. Juli 2014 in Challenges
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Whoopsi, I did the challenge and forgot the last day 😀 that’s a first. I usually have trouble posting every day with a challenge… but forgetting the last day?! That’s embarassing. So here we go today:

Post a picture of any trip, explain when it was, where, with who.


This was in Denmark, april 2013 (around easter). I went away for a week in a cozy little house with my boyfriend. It was our first real trip together (meaning  we got to do the whole trip together) and it was really a great experience.

Packing the car was something I could have passed on, but hey, we had our own little house in the middle of nature – okay it was a little „park“ with lots of houses (~ 20 houses) – but most of them weren’t inhabited at the time.

7 days is all we had. But 7 days can be awesome when you have beautiful weather like we had. It did rain (mostly at night) and yes it was pretty cold, but the days were rather sunny. We would sleep in, have breakfast, go out for a walk or drive somewhere to take a walk there, watch some series or in my case read a book, enjoy our built-in sauna and take another walk before it got to dark out to see anything.




The picture was taken on Venø, a tiny island not far away. We passed nearly a whole day there even if it is rather small. We walked a lot and enjoyed the relative quiet and calm of such a small and rather lonely place. It was funny to have to get on a ferry, not that a ferry isn’t quite a normal thing, but the journey took about 3 minutes. That’s it. The whole transfer is for 266 metres. That was the funny part. But yeah, you know, cars don’t float, so…

I loved the part of Denmark I’ve seen so far. I’d definitely go back (plus I think it would be a great vacation spot for when I have kids).


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