9 Day Travelling Challenge – Day 7

Veröffentlicht: 22. Juli 2014 in Challenges
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3 places you have gone to but can’t wait to go again.
1. London (time after time after time… it doesn’t get old)
2. USA and Canada (I’ve still only seen a little part here and there!)
3. Bretagne, north-western part of France (home is where your heart is)

~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~ ~*~

London is the city I’ve been to before that I can go again and again. There are still things I have never seen, never been to, markets to discover… I really just love London.

When I was in the US and Canada, boy it’s been a blast. Not that I would really wanna live there, but it makes for an amazing vacation. Everything is so much bigger, so much wider and especially in the nature: so much more private. You can walk for miles in the woods and not find the end. Yeah, I need to go back to see other places around the States and Canada.

Although I have been born and always lived in Germany, my heart does belong to France too and whenever I am in France, I feel that. Especially the ‚wilder‘ part of France, the North-Western part really needs to be discovered more by me. I love steep cliffs and would love to see more of that part of France, after all, that is where my French family’s origins are!


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