9 Day Travelling Challenge – Day 6

Veröffentlicht: 21. Juli 2014 in Challenges
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Ten things you always take with you.

  1. Camera
  2. Money
  3. Books (or E-Book-Reader)
  4. Laptop (except for backpack vacation of course!)
  5. writing pad + pencils
  6. Cell Phone/Smartphone
  7. address book
  8. music
  9. jewelry
  10. lipbalm

I think most of these items are kinda self-explanatory but hey, this wouldn’t be a blog if I just tossed a few words at you.

The camera of course is my way of trying to catch memories and moments onto a picture that I can look at time after time. Pretty easy by the sound, but have you ever tried snapping the perfect picture on vacation when you were travelling alone? Hard one I tell ya and I always look stupid on it, so I do snap more of my surroundings than pictures that actually show me.

Money to buy food, drinks and souvenirs (beauty products from brands you don’t get at home are always a great thing! ^^).

Books, who can travel without books? I know I can’t. Not having a book in my bag makes me feel uncomfortable. When I go shopping I usually have one for the little journey by tram. When I go to work… I would take a book if I didn’t drive myself, but hey, you can’t read and drive!

The laptop is great for 2 things: a) keeping in touch with friends, family and your social media and b) storing away the pictures you’ve taken and making room for even more pictures on your camera.

I do need a writing pad and pencils, even if it is just a small one. I love to make To-Do-Lists and notes to myself… YES, even on vacation. Planning my day works best for me everyday, so that includes vacation, too. Oh yeah, I plan my days by sightseeing routes or boutiques 😉

The phone. Yeah, can you live without it? I can’t. Need to have it around.
The address book for writing postcards, obviously.

Music. Life without music is a waste and I can’t go without music. Especially when I am alone, I love to wander around with music in my ears. I really don’t care if it seems rude to people, when I am with someone I take the earbuds either completely out or at least one of them and lower the volume. I’m a woman, I can multitask you know?!

Can’t tell you why, but I do love to change up my jewelry a lot while on vacation. Maybe because I usually don’t vary my earrings a lot on a normal day. Maybe because I think you can get away with layering up tons of it while on vacation 😛 not sure, but need a little variety with me at all times!

I never leave the house without a lipbalm or two. If I do it’s either by accident (not enough time) or because I just go to the trashcan and back. Yep, I’m addicted to lipbalm. And so should you. There is nothing more pretty than super soft lips, even if you are not trying to flirt with anyone 😉

What are the ten things you need to pack when travelling?


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