Empties #3

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Hello peeps!

And here is another empties post. Cheers to all the stuff that I managed to finally use up and I will hopefully continue to use things up instead of hoarding like a maniac. Like seriously, who needs to have that many bodylotions and body butters in stock? I’m not sure if I will ever run out of those 😀 but I do have a weakness for amazing scents…

But on to the stuff that I emptied recently (in the last 6 weeks):


1) Balea Shower Peeling Buttermilk & Lemon
200 ml
Loved the scent and the gentle peeling effect it had. This was a peeling to maintain a soft skin, not to really make it that soft, but that was okay.

2) Swiss O-Par Frottee Dry Shampoo
200 ml
This is a dry shampoo I’ve had a couple times and it is okay, but I’m on the lookout for a better one. Any suggestions?

3) Organicum Vegan & silicone free shampoo
15 ml sample sachet
I tried those 3 sachets and it was okay, but I’m not a massive fan of the herbal scent. My hair looked and felt clean, but it wasn’t at soft as it can be.

4) Tetesept Egyptian Cleopatra bath (Milk, honey and almond oil)
20 ml
I loved this bath. My skin felt very soft afterwards and the smell is amazing!

5) L’Oréal Hydra Active 3 Micellar Water
200 ml
I’ve never tried Bioderma, but this one works great for me. It takes off my make-up without any tugging or pulling, even my eye make-up. I have the next bottle in use already.

6) Balea Handcream Beautiful Berries
100 ml
Unfortunately, this was a Limited Edition and is not available anymore. I’ve had 4 or 5 of these and loved them. And even my boyfriend loved it!



7) Balea Mattifying Cream with fruit acids
50 ml
This cream was okay, but it didn’t convince me entirely. No repurchase for this one.

8) Rexona Cotton Ultra Dry Deodorant
40 ml
I’ve had this one for at least 3 or 4 years and liked it, but recently I haven’t been happy with the performance. If anyone has a recommendation for a good deodorant that keeps me from sweating, please let me know.

9) Hello Kitty Body Splash by H&M „Fruity Kitty“
150 ml
Loved the smell, had this forever but recently used it a lot and loved it.

10) Odol-med 3 Mint Tooth Paste
75 ml
I ususally have another Odol-med 3 tooth paste but this one is good too.



11) Glade by Brise One Touch Brazilian Mango Flower
10 ml
We had this one in our bathroom and I really liked the smell a lot. I’d repurchase this.

12) p2 Base + Care Coat
10 ml
I really liked this product and I will probably repurchase this one once I’ve finished other basecoats I have.

13) Lacura Beauty Quick Gloss Topcoat
12 ml
I would really recommend this topcoat to anyone! It works wonders. It dries really quick and makes the polish really shiny. I love this.

14) Glisten & Glow HK Girl Fast Drying Topcoat
~ 12 ml
This beats the Lacura topcoat, but it isn’t cheap and it is kinda hard to get (ordering online). I love this to the moon and back but save this for when I really need high performance in what seems like seconds.

15) essence ‚Ready for Boarding“ Peel Off Basecoat
8 ml
My staple product for glitters. I love this basecoat and am very happy that I have two more bottles in stock.

16) p2 Perfect Face Finish Powder
9 g
Had this at least twice and liked it, but I’m sure there is a better product out there so I’ll keep searching.

17) alverde Cream to Powder Concealer (10 Natural Beige)
At least my second pot and it is brilliant. I love this concealer. It hides blemishes and dark undereye cirles, doesn’t make my skin dry and sets beautifully.

18) Severeal Lipsticks from Rimmel and Jade Maybelline
These are so old and had to go because they either looked bad (like not good anymore) or smelled bad.

What have you used up recently?



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