For the Series Junkie #9 – Lost Girl

Veröffentlicht: 24. Juni 2014 in For the Series Junkie, Serien
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Lost Girl focuses on the gorgeous and charismatic Bo, a supernatural being called a succubus who feeds on the energy of humans, sometimes with fatal results. Refusing to embrace her supernatural clan system and its rigid hierarchy, Bo is a renegade who takes up the fight for the underdog while searching for the truth about her own mysterious origins.

Weird to think that I’ve been inspired to watch this series because of a book series… but hey, it’s true! I did start reading the Succubus series by Richelle Mead (okay-ish, but not her best work in my opinion) and then my bf found this Canadian series about a succubus. I was hooked from the very first episode.

Season 1 focuses on Bo’s struggle for an identity in a new-to-her world. We soon find out that she is something rather special and many people are taking an interes in her life. I love to see her and kenzi become best friends and the lovestory unfold that seems perfect but actually is just damn complicated. D’uh, it’s never easy.

Season 2 revolves around the new villain: the Garuda. Yeah it does not only sound mean, I can tell ya. We find out more about Bo’s past and about how she reacts when someone important lies to her. Most of the time I think Bo is goddamn awesome, but there are moments… where she annoys me. Mostly because she is easily offended and doesn’t forgive easily (not necessarily always a bad thing). But it makes her slightly cranky/bitchy at times and well… I don’t like full out bitchmode that much.

Season 3 gives us more new fae and more about Bo and her struggle to find out everything about her past. And her future! She has to pass an ancient fae rite in which she has to face her past and future, something she is not sure she can do. Recurring is „The Wanderer“ – we learn nothing about him in this season, but let me tell you: i enjoyed hearing the song over and over again 😉

In Season 4 we are faced with Bo meeting the Wanderer and finding out who he is and what he will be to Bo. Do I need to point out he plays an important role in this season? Bo is drifting away from her friends which I find both sad and intriguing as it shows another side of her we haven’t seen in previous seasons. What does Bo do in the fae world when she is on her own?

Season 5 is set to air in Fall 2014, so just a couple more months to wait and be assured: I will watch it.


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