New In/Haul: „The Body Needs 2“ Order

Veröffentlicht: 22. Juni 2014 in Beauty, Haul
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Hello and welcome to another Haul.

Recently I discovered a website called „The Body Needs 2“ – through a youtube video – and was quickly fascinated by their concept. Apart of having their own cosmetic line, they sell MAC samples and gosh that is beautiful. Really beautiful. If you are interested, go find their shop here.


The Body Needs 2 - Order

The Body Needs 2 – Order

One thing they offer is Pigment samples and that left me intrigued because I always wanted to try if I could work with these (drugstore ones so far I can ^^) and I never wanted to buy a full pigment pot from MAC because, well, they are expensive and massive. What would I do with all that product?

But this was my chance. I had seen „Melon“ before and admired its beautiful colour… and if it doesn’t work for me as loose eyeshadow? I can still use it to franken some nailpolish.


Powder samples

Powder samples


And I really couldn’t resist to try one of those Prep + Prime Colour Correcting Powders. Thought Neutralize would be perfect for me.

But what The Body Needs 2 is famous for… They have lots of lipstick samples which I have been indulging in… 10 (!!!) samples are now mine. I have said before that all my MAC lipsticks are in fact Limited Edition and that I still have to buy one from the standard range.
Ordering these samples is my idea of trying out various colours and hoping to find one that I really want to have in full size. And if I don’t find any that tickles my fancy: so be it. It’s only a small sample and it wasn’t that expensive.

Are you curious what shades I got? Here they are:



Impressive – Twig – Hot Gossip – CB 96 – Shanghai Spice





Blossom Culture – Lady Bug – Ultra Darling – Fast Play – See Sheer



I cannot wait to try all of these out and especially finding out if any of them might be the perfect shade for me to pick up in its regular size. Girls, I’m in lipstick heaven right now 😉


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