My first shooting – Douglas Photoshoot

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Hello peeps!

Today I wanna share with you my experience at the Douglas Photoshooting I went to. They do have this every now and then. One week where a photographer comes in and you can book one of three packages: 1) haircut, hairstyle and make-up plus 1 photo from the shoot; 2) hairstyle, make-up plus 1 photo from the shoot (that is what I went for) or 3) make-up plus 1 photo from the shoot. And of course, at the end you can invest more money in buying all the photos 😉 but that is not to pay towards Douglas but the photographer.




I wanted to get my hair styled and I wanted it to be something I rarely wear or do myself, so I asked the hairdresser to give me a full head of locks/waves with a bit of volume. That man was really nice – I’ve never had a gay hairdresser before but he was so so cool! – and even though his approach at doing my locks seemed to be unorthodox, it worked out. I admit I had some doubts during the process but it looked great at the end. So, I’m sorry I was a bit whiny there, mate.

On to the make-up. Here I also wanted to go for something I rarely wear. I wanted everything but my everyday look (no nude eye make-up) and I got that. The make-up artist listened to my wish and reached for different foundations until I was satisfied (and she too, because she obviously saw too that the previous choices didn’t fit my skintone!). What I ended up wearing on my skin (and loving) was Bobbi Brown’s Skin Foundation SPF 15 in „Warm Ivory“ (1). She then obviously used concealer and eyebrow powder. For my eyes, we decided to use the Lancôme Hypnose Palette Drama Eyes in DR1 „Bain de Minuit“


We thought it would work great with my blouse which – as you might be able to guess – was royal blue. She did a wonderful smokey eye look that was very dramatic considered I usually just wear nude looks (even when I go out, then I just add a dark eyeliner).
She applied eyeshadow, blended, applied some more eyeshadow, blended and restarted the whole process several times. It felt like she blended for 30 minutes in total which is probably just my weird feeling of time.

As highlighter she used a MAC eyeshadow in a silvery-white, maybe „Gesso“ or „Forgery“. That is one of the few products I didn’t ask for because I have highlighters that work great for me and that I am completely content with. The mascara was also from Bobbi Brown and honestly felt anything but special to me. She also did darken my waterlines and then finished everything up with a powder to set the foundation.
Then came the most interesting part for me: bronzer and blush. Both products were nothing I wanted to buy but the way she applied the bronzer – a bit all over – intrigues me. The result was great and I think I need to learn how to do this whole sculpting the face with bronzer.

Finally we decided that with a dramatic eye make-up, the lips should be rather simple and nude. She went straight for a Lancôme Rouge in Love lipstick which she applied with a lip brush. It was the 200B „Rose Thé“ and did look pretty awesome. Plus I can tell you it lasted quite a long time before starting to fade out.


On a side note: Whenever she picked up a product, she would ask me if I’m okay with the choice or wanted something else and then proceeded to tell me that we could still switch it up even if already applied. Loved that. Actually all of the people there did this and it was awesome because they really all tried to make me feel special, beautiful and wanted me to be completely happy with the end result.



And then came the shooting. The photographer was really nice. She always showed me what she expected me to do and then when I took the pose, give me some more directions as like „Throw your prettiest smile at me!“ or „Turn the head a little more“ or even „Now smile as if I was your boyfriend!“ 😀 She was really awesome and told me at the end that I was a natural which was probably a total lie  just to make me feel good. As in „only happy customers come back“.
Still, it was fun, it was nice and really would love to do this again one day.

I went to see her partner who would run a quick „beauty enhancer“ over the pics (that’s what he called it and then joked around that I wouldn’t need it but it was the normal procedure – that definitely was a charmer), explained me how expensive the extra packages were and then proceeded to eliminate all the „not so great“ pics with me. He continued to charm and joke around with me, telling me I have a great eye for what pics looked great and which didn’t. Oh well, maybe I have it, maybe I don’t. Who cares?!

I got some awesome pics and wanna share some with you guys:










What do you say? Good investment or total fail?! ^^


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