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It is that time of the month again. Can you believe how fast this year is going by? It blows me away every month. I feel like it’s been yesterday that I have celebrated the new year! Do oyu get that too?
Another month is over… so it is again time for the monthly favourites! I hope all of you had a great weekend so far and are motivated to go into a new work week. Here are my favourites of May:

Song: Avril Lavigne – Here’s to never growing up

I’ve been kinda surprised by this song. I know it’s rather old and I didn’t notice it much back when it came out, but now? Love it. I recently discovered it through Dancing with the stars and have listened to it a couple of times every day – in a row. Great song.

Book: Apollyon (Covenant Series #4) by Jennifer L. Armentrout
Yep, I’m still stuck in that universe. I read the fourth book while travelling to and back home from Hamburg at the beginning of May and there isn’t much more I can say then: loved every single minute of reading! I didn’t even notice the time going by on the train and believe me, that is an amazing thing. Ever since I had to take the train a little too often a couple years back… I hate being stuck on the train for everything over one and a half hours.

I do love this series and am dreading the moment I will be finished with it, so I haven’t started book 5 (Sentinel) yet. Boo me! ^^

Movie: Captain America – The Winter Soldier/The Return of the First Avenger

Finally I’ve been able to watch it and I can tell you… I shouldn’t have waited. Cap is not my most favourite superhero, but he’s cool and his story was pretty neat in this movie. What I could have lived without? Black Widow. I do like Scarlett Johansson (and have been told recently that I have a pic where I look totally like her oO), but I can’t stand Black Widow. Don’t know why exactly.
The movie was good, but now I really can’t wait for Avengers 2. *sigh* It’s only pretty much one more year to wait (it comes out on 30th April 2015 in Germany).

Series: The wolves are back… again + Dancing with the Stars
Yeah I know you probably are tired of hearing me talk about it, but I’ve had a lot of stress at work the last two weeks (before my week of holiday that is!) and as the weather was going up and down constantly, headaches were kinda my thing. Pretty much everyday and then I tend to go lay in bed once I’m at home after work and like to close my eyes while listening to a series. It needs to be a pick me up, clearly, and what else would you think I watch then? Right: Teen Wolf. So that’s it, I said it and no more from me on that topic now.
I’ve been watching season 16 of Dancing with the Stars (a recommendation of a friend, mainly because she is/was obsessed with Zendaya and Val) and really went right through all of it. Gosh I’ve always loved ballroom dancing and honestly that show is so good! And now I have a little crush on Val too 😀 and on some of the other dancers because honey I tell you, these guys are drool-worthy 😀 (and talented goes without saying!) love me some eye-candy.


Food: Franzbrötchen
Discovered something new! Sadly, those are not available where I live. It’s apparently a speciality from Northern Germany and I’m so glad my friend made me buy one of those on the day I left because you all know by now I have a sweet tooth, right? Those „Franzbrötchen“ are basically cinnamon rolls but in less sticky. I love cinnamon and cinnamon rolls (sadly, those are kinda hard to get in Germany in general, except for those from Starbucks), so, yeah, this stuff is amazing for me.

Make-Up: Douglas photo shooting

I had a photo shooting at my local Douglas and oh boy, I never thought those pics would turn out that amazing! Yeah, I went overboard and bought a ton of the photos taken and got all of them on a cd, but hey, how often do you do this kinda thing?
In case you are interested, I will upload a whole blogpost about it and insert a pic or two, but I needed to wait til my bf’s birthday before posting it so he wouldn’t see the photos beforehand 😉
My hair was done nicely, my make-up was stunning (it felt like it took forever but the turn out? Oh boy!) and the photographer was awesome. She helped me and she knew exactly what she was doing.
Well, to the make-up part: found another foundation that fits me – Bobbi Brown. No, I didn’t bought it. But it’s really nice to know that I will have a color suiting me in their range. Fell totally in love with the lipstick she applied on me: Lancôme Rouge in Love in 200B Rose Thé. Yeah it was awesome and held on forever and no again, I didn’t buy it. Why? I think I’ve got quite similar lipsticks already and wanna finish something up before buying an expensive lipstick (of whom I probably have a dupe).

Haul: been to Budni in Hamburg, clothing from Forever 21 and H&M
I’m not gonna talk much about the budni haul as I wrote a whole blogpost for you guys – click here.
I will also show you the clothes I got in another haul, but just wanna tell you real quick that it’s mostly shoes and work out gear. Woot woot! Yep, I plan on working out more and hope this will inspire me.

Other: Hamburg trip & birthdays
As you have read before, my trip to Hamburg was awesome. Short, but very pleasent. Seeing my friend Jay which I haven’t seen in… about 2-3 years was a blast and I think it’s safe to say that we were almost immediately reminded of why we used to connect instantly at our first meeting. Just love her. And then meeting Bookbeauty of course was another highlight. Love meeting new people and I especially love meeting someone I can talk to so easily.

Well then, besides the little trip there were two important birthdays this month: my boyfriend’s and my own. Needless to say that I didn’t pay that much attention to my own when my boyfriend’s birthday is just a couple days later, but hey, I enjoyed a little „party“ with a few good friends. It wasn’t anything special and I wish I could have invited more friends but most of them live to far away (see Hamburg, Rosenheim (near Munich), Ruhrgebiet, France etc.).
My boyfriend had a little party of his own and we were again out with some friends (some were the same, others were „exchanged“ 😀 ). I tell you, apparently an Irish pub with a 2 cocktails for 1 offer is no good combination for me 😀 and later that night they had karaoke – no I didn’t sing on stage, but at my table and it was hilarious. I think my bf enjoyed himself a lot too and therefore I consider May to be a win on all sides.

What were your May Favourites?


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