Non-Specific 30 Day [Fandom] Challenge – Day 28

Veröffentlicht: 29. April 2014 in Challenges, Serien
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Day #28 Favourite Climax (i.e. series finale, battle, conclusion of a subplot, etc…)
Favourite but more because it was horrible to think of… Season 2 Finale. When I thought Derek had to be dying -_-‚ I read somewhere that he would not be in Season three so I was sobbing and very unhappy and looking my worst (and yes I really cry and sob for some series). But well, he did not die and that makes me insanely happy. But I really wished Deucalion to be dead at the end of the season. I just don’t think he will never be evil again. He has that spark of crazy and psycho and I fear we will see him again in that role.


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