Need and Want to do – Update 2

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So, I’ve had two posts about this before… and like I said in the second post: If I don’t write this down I will probably forget half of the things. Which would be bad because those are things that are kinda important. Some are important in general, some for my well-being (like everything friendship-wise or holiday planning). Hope you guys are not too bored by these posts, because it helps me a lot.

So this are all things I did come up with the first time and how the status is by now:

1. sort through all my things (I’m reluctant to work on it!)
– most needed: clothing -> pretty much done, still too many clothes xD
– everything make-up and beauty -> things are moved but not yet sorted
– media (books and dvd’s) -> dvd’s are moved, half of my books are moved

2. take care of my skin and hair ->my hair seems to be okay, my skin is dry as a desert on some parts at the moment. like wth?!

3. re-arrange the christmas presents for my girls
(yes, I know it’s a shame we still haven’t been able to see each other and share/exchange those!)
(by re-arranging I mean putting the different parts together and finally wrap them up oO) -> done and they’ve gotten them too. think they liked it 🙂

4. move-in 😀 -> now I have some book shelves too (need more oO) and an ALEX + a shoe closet

5. set a date with my girls
– exchanging the presents -> done
– make a nail-art/nailpolish party ! (maybe even make pictures for the sisterhood blog?!) -> done but we need to set a new date now 😀

6. set a date to have a good time with my mum
– either finding something art-y (theatre, ballet, movie?)
– or going to the pool (with a bit of „spa“)
-> sadly, we haven’t found anything to do yet but we are working on it. really working on it. but she will be gone on vacation a lot soon so… don’t know :/

7. arrange for something holiday-wise
– maybe with a friend?
– maybe with my mum, we need to finally do that Barcelona trip! (had been planned and scheduled for years ago, mum broke her elbow, we had to cancel :/ it needs to be done!)
-> nothing really set yet, except for the short trip to Hamburg at the beginning of May (yay!)

8. do my annual adjustment of income tax (I always thought that was SO german)
– unfortunately I will have to do that with my dad. He has no patience for explaining.
– positive to it: I will get money back!
-> shoot, haven’t done that yet oO really need to do this soon, like this week at best!

So, those are the things that I mentioned in my first post. And here are the things mentioned in my second post:

– Get rid of those real bad issues with my shoulders and neck :/ it not only hurts whatever I do, it gives me real bad headaches and I’m feeling so sick, I wanna throw up – like all day long. And that influences my performance at work as I cannot even think straight. Not good. Really not good at all. Do you have any tips?
=> it’S gotten better, not perfect, but a little bit

– Buy a new desk and new shelves to put up my personal computer and my books!
=> check and check, though I still need more shelves 😀

– Find time and inspiration to go to the hair dresser (should I grow it long again? add colour?)
=> Nothing on that front.

– go to the movies to see a) Vampire Academy b) The Return of the First Avenger (end of March only) and maybe something else… just because I can 😉
=> sadly, cinema wasn’t anything I managed to find time for 😦

– find some time to really read – I’m only at my second book of 2014 and that is… in one word? Scary.
=> YAY I read a tiny bit more, I’m at 5 books in 2014

– plan vacation (I’d like to have at least one bigger trip and maybe a few smaller ones)
=> *sigh* this one is a hard thing to do. bf needs to have a secure job after the summer to be able to plan anything and I would love to do sth with him of course. but maybe i’ll find a short trip to do with a friend too if my bf can’t

Oh yeah, still lots from this list to do, but happily I don’t really need to add much more to this list. Sure I’ve get a hell of a lot more to do, but you know what? Not the top priority. So, yeah, it’s something for another time 😉


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