Non-Specific 30 Day [Fandom] Challenge – Day 17

Veröffentlicht: 18. April 2014 in Challenges, Serien
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Day #17 The Character You Love To Hate

That is hard as I do not hate many characters… maybe Allison’s grandfather though… he is so insanely evil that it is a pleasure to hate on him. He is meant to be a character you hate, so why shouldn’t you?!

And then there is the new villain in season 3.2 – of course I have to talk about him. I hope I don’t spoil anyone, because I always try not to do that. I have been giving you a fair chance to watch part 2 of Season 3 and haven’t been talking about it much, but now I need to. I present to you whom I love to hate at the moment:

Can we take a moment to appreciate Dylan O’Brien’s acting skills? Oh wow. He blew me away in this season. He has never been a bad actor, but this season he was able to show us just how awesome he is. You can always see when the nogitsune (did I just spelled that right?! ^^) takes over, because Dylan works with his expressions so amazingly!
I am seriously blown away and love how he had the chance to show these skills. I somehow like the nogitsune even if it is something bad, because I understand it. Can’t we all relate? It goes overboard, but seriously, tricksters are always pretty charming in the end, right?! (famous tricksters I am talking about: Richard Speight Junior as Gabriel in Supernatural, Tom Hiddleston as Loki and now tell me you don’t understand where I’m coming from 😉 )


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