Non-Specific 30 Day [Fandom] Challenge – Day 15

Veröffentlicht: 16. April 2014 in Challenges, Serien
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Day #15 A Character Everybody Else Loves That You Hate


Allison (not really hate, but I dislike her more than normal for a part of the series main couple). She is being difficult in my opinion. Okay, she is torn between her family heirlom and her boyfriend, I get it, but still shouldn’t she decide what’s good for her instead of what’s good for everyone else? I feel like she is betraying her love for Scott and I really think her dad could accept this relationship. But she is turning away from it more and more.

Secondly, what I don’t like about her is this constant look of damsel in distress. Goddammit, she had this special hunter training and still looks kinda helpless all the time. I guess some people just can’t pull of fighter-face. Don’t get me wrong, it is okay to feel helpless sometimes and being afraid is very healthy, but she just always looks weak to me and that is what I can’t stand. With everything around her, how can she look so weak and always be in need to be rescued?



Nothing against you personally, Allison, I just don’t like you as much as everyone else.


P.S.: No, I am not dancing out of joy because of what happened at the end of Season 3. I am just not that big of a b****.


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