Non-Specific 30 Day [Fandom] Challenge – Day 5

Veröffentlicht: 6. April 2014 in Challenges, Serien
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Day #5 Favourite Romance/Rivalry

Allison/Scott… There aren’t that many other couples… well none that matter in my opinion. I really would enjoy seeing Stiles happy in love for a change, but somehow I suppose he’ll have to wait a bit more. Poor guy, he never really gets the action. I would love to see all of them happy, but then again it would probably become boring.

And even though Scott and Allison broke up and don’t seem to get back together… they’re still THE couple and I think they are still so madly in love that Isaac has no chance (I like him, I really do, but sorry bro, you have to wait for another girl!). Allison and Scott are just made for each other and I love his confidence when he tells her that.

But that, of course, was before seeing Season 3 part 2. Isaac obviously gets the girl (and I’m happy he is happy!), Scott moves on and falls in love with another girl… and I might have a different favourite couple but I don’t wanna spoil anyone. If you really wanna know AND have watched Season 3.2 you can ask me on facebook or twitter and I will tell you 😉


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