Non-Specific 30 Day [Fandom] Challenge – Day 2

Veröffentlicht: 3. April 2014 in Challenges, Serien
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Day #2 The Moment That Made You Fall in Love with this Series

*entrance Derek Hale* tumblr_m6cn273ZAS1rp5adx

😀 No seriously, he is the reason I feel addicted to the series. I love drooling over this strikingly handsome guy and I love his face with all its expressions. Tyler Hoechlin really knows how to let his face speak for him without needing to say a word and that is something I adore in an actor.

Plus I really like the character of Derek Hale. You can see that he is a softie on the inside, but that his whole life did nothing else than punching him in the face and that nearly made him lose himself. Oh god, I love me a tormented man oO that probably sounds completely nuts, but I just love those stories when a character gets room for changing and despite all odds changes to be good (really good!).


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